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Çaykur Black Tea

Published February 23, 2013 by piggie
Çaykur Black Tea.. avoid if possible

Çaykur Black Tea.. avoid if possible

So far, I have never review about drink, and I feel compelled to write about this for sometime. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exceptionally great, quite the opposite in fact, it’s an absolute disaster!

Perhaps in part, it was my fault, in taking for granted that all black tea are similar. While that can be said for Lipton, BOH, and BON tea (and if I remember correctly, Dilmah too!), the same definitely cannot be said about Çaykur, Turkey’s national tea maker. As we are probably aware, the others mentioned are producing fine Ceylon tea, and now I begin to understand why Ceylon tea is appreciated the world over. Trust me, I have tasted better Ceylon tea than all these mentioned, complimentary of some Sri Lankan ex-colleague who brought here all the way from home!

Çaykur not only lack the smooth and fragrant taste of conventional Ceylon tea (Orientals call it red tea, but most westerners call it black tea), if not somewhat bitter. Yes, bitter, contrasting to the usual sweetness a Ceylon tea possesses. It was suggested on their packaging that it goes well with sugar, lemon, or perhaps milk. Believe me, I tried them all, save for the addition of lemon, which added much needed acidic citrus fragrance to nullify the bitter beverage, the others simply failed, somewhat miserably, not unless I try adding more sugar or milk, but I doubt it can still be regard as a tea after that.

Make no mistake, I’m not allergic to bitter tea, in fact, I drank plenty variance of Chinese tea, which are certainly bitter than Çaykur, if not more health beneficial. But we don’t call Chinese tea a black tea, and we certainly don’t usually add milk to them.

In my opinion, Çaykur is not your conventional black tea. I’m not criticising the taste of our Turkish friends, perhaps they prefer a stronger blend. But to my dear friends who are accustomed to the ‘excellent’ silky Ceylon tea available in this world, take my words, don’t fall into any vendor’s cheap price tactic and acquire it. Trust me, you will regret it!