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&Joy Dining Hall

Published December 8, 2019 by piggie

Yeah, the name &Joy Dining Hall does sound strange. It only recently opens at Jurong Point Basement along Japanese Food Street, and mainly comprises 6 main dining elements, namely Ramen Kiou, Sushi-GO, Roman.Tei, Pittarino, Wadori, and My Gohan. Some of these can be considered as stand alone restaurants, while others are sharing a common dining area. Besides that, there is also another sub-element, &Joy Eats•&Joy Drinks, somewhat like the drink stall inside a food court.

Realistically, I ain’t able to cover every element in my first visit, let’s begin with Pittarino, a stand alone pizza restaurant. I can understand, pizza is not really a Japanese thing, so why is it here?

Well, the Japanese are well known for their take on foreign cuisines, for example, ramen wasn’t really Japanese to begin with, but their evolution from their Chinese predecessors are so massive that these days, people tends to think the Chinese stole it from the Japanese because in general, ramen tastes so much better than many of their China counterparts. I said that not just because I love Japanese cuisines, but I had visited many cities in both China and Japan, and the probability of finding horrible noodles in China far exceed that in Japan. Coming back to pizza, I have to reiterate, I have been to Italy too, but ironically, I found the best pizza in Japan, seriously, inside a humble Kanazawa eatery, far away from the country’s culinary capitols (ie. Tokyo, Osaka).

Half – Half: Smoked Salmon & Prosciutto, $16++

This is only available during Pittarino’s opening promotion, offering half a slice each of their Smoked Salmon pizza and Prosciutto pizza, giving patrons a taste of both pizza for one price, both usually going for $17.90++ each (12″ whole pizza). One look at the pizza crust, you can tell it’s not pre-baked, it’s only baked upon order, because they can never anticipate what type of combination a customer wants. Amazingly, they can do it in 90 seconds! It’s not really a matter of speed, but by doing so in 90 seconds, they can maintain the juicy texture of the toppings, this is really how a good pizza ought to be done, and I can safely assure, you will find it very different from your usual pizza franchise.

Let me first touch on their Smoked Salmon pizza. It’s a cream based pizza with rocket, caper, tomatoes, lemon, and of course, smoked salmon. This is my favourite, and a chef recommendation. If the ingredient list ain’t sound convincing enough, the taste was fantastic, an excellent fusion of savoury, sourness, blend coherently with the cream to create a very appetising take, if anything, I thought the caper brought out the essence of the pizza!

As for the Prosciutto & Rocket pizza, despite having a more appealing appearance, would have to settle for second best. Prosciutto is Italian dried-cured ham, and naturally it’s slightly on the salty side, but the added tomato sauce, rocket, and Grana Padano cheese generate a good balance, and eventually, the juiciness truly made this pizza remarkable.

Tomato Cheese Ramen, $14.90

And this would be the ramen after it was stirred

Hailed from Osaka, Ramen Kiou’s signature ramen gotta be this Tomato Cheese Ramen. I believe the broth must be a pork based soup, but there is little hint of it as any Tonkotsu flavour is overpowered by the rich tomato broth. In the bowl, apart from the cheese, there ain’t any charshu, but only pork slices, veggie, and thin noodle. The taste is very much akin to tomato spaghetti but in a soup version. I’d say it’s very appetising!

Ebi Chahan, $8.90

We also ordered Ramen Kiou’s Ebi Chahan, and added a piece of Chashu. As can be seen from the picture, they use prawns and dried shrimps in their Ebi Chahan, but something just ain’t quite right. Perhaps it’s due to the dried shrimps, I smell strong aroma from that of mouldy food, quite akin to those you gather from Yam or Dried Mushroom fried rice. I don’t like it, I’d say, wasted the ingredients in this fried rice. I lose appetite straightaway. That said, I paid $2 extra for the chashu, which is great to be honest.

For Ramen Kiou, as it is basically a kiosk order, self-service concept, there is no additional service charges.

&Joy Dining Hall
1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-49
Jurong Point
Singapore 648886

Opening Hours~
Daily: 11:00 hr – 22:00 hr

Tino’s Pizza Cafe 堤諾比薩

Published March 22, 2017 by piggie

I only get to know about Tino’s Pizza through Tiong Bahru Plaza’s promotion, and its premise there is well hidden in the new annex area that I would have otherwise probably not getting inside unless I can see any shop that draws my attention.

Initially, I thought it was the franchise from some European country but I was rather surprise to find out its origin. Guess where? Taiwan! So that explains the traditional Chinese name on its sign board. Quite interesting isn’t it? But how good can a Taiwanese Pizza gets?

Me and my dining companion initially intended to share a regular size pizza. Oh, wait. Tino’s Pizza has a very fascinating way in terming the size of their pizzas. They offer their pizzas in either Neapolitan or Roman, which literally means Thick crust and Thin Crust respectively. The fact that the former is sliced into 6 pieces and the latter 8 pieces, as well as more costly for the Roman version, could very well means the latter should be of larger size.

Just then, my dining companion saw a different promotion leaflet on another table, offering personal pizza set meal with a drink (soft drink, iced/hot black tea or Americano) for only S$9.90++ (weekday lunch time only), which of course, let us try two different flavours. That sounds like a good idea! We ordered a Mr. Tino and a Sicily Seafood Pizza each. Oh, by the way, I had their iced black tea while my dining companion a hot Americano, and their black tea was served in a conventional bubble tea plastic cup, sealed of course. First sign of a Taiwanese proprietor. Take note, their black tea is plain tea, no sugar, though I suppose you can add sugar or syrup as you wish, but I couldn’t be bother with that.

Mr. Tino

Mr. Tino, as the name suggests, is their signature pizza. It comprises chicken or beef bacon and pepperoni, oyster mushrooms, capsicums, shredded onions, oregano and black olives. The pizza looks simple, but the ingredients are evenly spread, and I found the taste was remarkable. And if you require some extra cheese or chili flakes, they are readily available on the table.

Sicily Seafood

Sicily Seafood pizza offers an oceanic taste completed with tuna, calamari, shrimps, capsicum, basil, and padano. The highlight is the use of basil in bringing out a mint taste to the pizza, and I thought I found the seafood reasonably fresh too!

Tino’s pizza range is not really plenty, but they do have some interesting flavour, such as what I would call dessert pizza, yes, sweet pizza with honey, fruits, oreo etc. You just have to give them credit for the creativity!

Mad for Garlic

Published August 21, 2015 by piggie

I was brought to Mad for Garlic on the NDP promotion, a buy 1 get 1 free offer for pasta or pizza. You can have a mixture of both, but naturally, the cheaper one will be the one free.

This is my first visit to this Korean-inspired Italian restaurant, and although I have no love or hate relationship with garlic, I must put it straight that contrary to my perception, not all dishes in Mad for Garlic are heavily garlic infused, some actually came without garlic.

Lobster Cream Pasta, $23.50 ++

Lobster Cream Pasta, $23.50 ++

I have to begin with their Lobster Cream Pasta, for reason I shall elaborate shortly afterward. This pasta came with garlic cream sauce along with lobster meat and fish roe. I’m giving it a thumbs up for its creamy texture and rich milky taste I personally favour. And I told my dining buddy, this is probably the second best pasta I ever tasted, and I still miss the pasta we enjoyed together in Cebu’s Eden Resort.

However, my impression was promptly overrun by their Ham & Sausage Pizza. Don’t get me wrong, nothing’s wrong with the pasta, it’s just that this pizza is simply overwhelming!

Ham & Sausage Pizza, $22.50 ++

Ham & Sausage Pizza, $22.50 ++

To be honest, I didn’t carry any expectation over their pizza, and it certainly didn’t look outstanding at all. But it has the right level of crisp, the thickness (or rather, the thin-ness), along with sausage, ham, bacon, onion, mushroom, spicy black pepper, as well as sweet white sauce, which truly made this pizza heavenly! They genuinely understand what makes a pizza great, and by using common ingredients, turned this pizza exceptional. It was so awesome it absolutely overpowered my impression over their otherwise excellent lobster pasta!

2nd Visit

BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza, $21.50++

BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza, $21.50++

Our 2nd visit comes over a year later, another 1-for-1 NDP promotion in 2016. This time round, I was determined to try something different, and ordered a BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza, which came with spicy grilled chicken, cheese, vegetables, and most significantly, hot BBQ sauce. I have to say the grilled chicken was rather tender, it really brings out the flavour of the pizza along with the BBQ sauce, still, one of the better one I have ever tried, but slightly inferior to their Ham & Sausage pizza in my opinion (because I am such a cheese lover!).

Seafood Herb Oil Pasta, $21.50++

Seafood Herb Oil Pasta, $21.50++

Our next order was Seafood Herb Oil Pasta, which included mussels with three herbs, zucchini, spinach, anchovies, and spaghetti in mussel stock and white wine sauce. The taste is rather unique, with a strong flavour of herb, and maybe not for those who can’t take that aroma.

Mad for Garlic
3 Temasek Blvd, #02-300/301
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6238 1930

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thur: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Fri – Sat: 11.30am – 11:00pm

Modesto’s @ Vivocity

Published June 7, 2012 by piggie

Many thanks to Vivocity & Modesto’s, I’m having a really hearty meal with my love ones! Even though the meal was largely complimentary, this post will not attempt to exaggerate the standard of the food.

For a start, we were promptly served a basket of bread, with olive oil and some unknown sauce. We didn’t order this, I don’t think it’s an appetiser, because we did order one. Nevertheless, the bread was warm and soft, and the olive oil spiced up a notch on the otherwise plain bread, I must confess I never thought these two would come in pair! I thought the dark sauce tasted like black soy sauce, but I couldn’t be sure.

Alette Di Pollo S$16.50

Alette Di Pollo is a chef’s recommendation not found on their main menu. Simply, it was deep-fried chicken wings and drumlets, marinated with home-made spicy marinade. I was surprise with the portion, I’m not complaining, but it was too much to go along with the other food we ordered, on any other given time, I would be pleased to finish it 🙂 Well, I still finished it, but the taste, of course, would have some discount under an almost full tummy! It would be helpful if there’s some picture for us to gauge the portion, but otherwise, its taste was quite unique, spicy as they claimed, with a right amount of sweetness that made it distinct from the usual KFC!

Fritto Misto S$24

We started with an appetizer in Fritto Misto, an assortment of deep-fried soft-shell crab, squid, silver bream, and prawns, served with tartar sauce. The flour coating were not over-fried so as to provide a soft texture over fresh seafood, we really enjoyed this dish!

Modesto’s is really famous for their traditional wood-fired pizza, of course whether nice or not, it’s subject to individual preference, and I was rather skeptical whether it was genuinely wood-fired, given the difficulty in acquiring fire wood in this part of the world and the long duration required for preparation. Anyway, for first timer especially, do try their pizza!

Salsiccia E Scamorza S$23.50

Modesto’s generally serves Mini (8″) and Regular (12″) size pizza, and Family (20″) size will only be available after 6pm. Salsiccia E Scamorza consists of tomato, mozzarella cheese, scamorza cheese, and pork sausages. I’m a cheese lover, but I got to confess I couldn’t really tell the difference between mozzarella and scamorza cheese. Nevertheless, the cheese was nice and rather generous, though we were puzzled on the pork sausages, which seen more like meat ball to me. For me, it’s sort of a disappointment, I thought I find the meat ball (or rather sausages) over salty, it could well be how it’s done in Italy, but it just ain’t my cup of tea.

Quattro Stagioni S$26.50

In my opinion, the Quattro Stagioni is much better! There’s no mini size for this pizza, but with Cooked Pork Ham, Mixed Seafood, Mushrooms, Black Kalamata Olives, Tomato, and Cheese, Quattro Stagioni offers a distinctive taste on the pizza, as if bringing forth the reminiscence of seasonal passion to a diner! Me and the old folks couldn’t help agreed the ingredients are quite contrasting to what we normally found in Pizza Hut, and to sum it in one word, superb!

3rd visit

DSC01121rAfter 3 long years, I got Modesto’s $20 voucher from Vivocity. Their outlet has since been re-located to Level 3, but still retained a partial view of Sentosa Island.

Alette Di Pollo, S$18++

Alette Di Pollo, S$18++

This time round, I still had Alette Di Pollo (now $18++), still tantalisingly delicious!

Costiera (regular), S$26++

Costiera (regular), S$26++

The only other order I had, was this 12″ Costiera pizza with prawns, squid, and crabsticks. Nothing to brag about the crabsticks, but I found the prawns and squid rather fresh. And the crisp pizza and melted cheese really made this a very enjoyable treat!

Modesto’s can now be found at:

Vivocity: 1 Harbourfront Walk #03-11, Vivocity, Singapore 098585

Tel (63769808)

Orchard Parade Hotel: 1 Tanglin Road #01-09/10, Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore 247905

Tel (62357808)

Elizabeth Hotel: 24 Mount Elizabeth #01-05, The Elizabeth Hotel, Singapore 228518

Tel (67362808)