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Food For Thought

Published August 19, 2012 by pressie

Food For Thought here is a restaurant in Singapore with social cause. Their causes are more complex, but in general, part of their profits go to charitable causes such as some African water fund, UN World food Programme, World Vision etc.

Food For Thought.. Queen Street Branch

I came into this restaurant on a late afternoon, hungry like a <(=@=)> & yearning for lunch. I already done some research online and knew exactly what I’d want to fill my empty tummy. On a weekday off-peak afternoon, it didn’t take long to have my food served.

Full Works $18.00

Full Works came with scrambled eggs, bacon, garlic mushrooms, chunky chicken sausage, hash brown, toasted brioche, and tomato salad. It’s a nice compilation which, to me, was deceivingly filling. This is actually their breakfast entree, but their breakfast is served all day until 5.30pm. The brioche (a highly enriched bread of French origin, whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb) texture tends to be rather soft, though I thought a crispy garlic bread here would have served me better. Mum would have loved the tomato salad, and I found the portion just adequate to accompany the meat entrees. They tastefully cut out the chicken sausage into bite size and fried it into golden brown but I would have loved it more had the bacon be in gracious portion like the mushrooms. Those tiny oval shape hash brown almost disguised themselves well as quail eggs, they got me deceived until I had a bite, but I’d say I prefer those from the fast food restaurants. I am not really a mushroom lover, but I don’t detest them. Somehow, the portion of sumptuous mushroom here was a tact overdose to me.

Bandung Cupcake $3.00

Towards the end of my meal, I regret ordered a Bandung Cupcake earlier on. It was a National Day special entry, not on their official menu, but I was already pretty full literally, after downing Full Works in its entirety πŸ˜€

Nevertheless, I brought myself to finish this as well, but ooh, it’s meant for couples madly in love… Too sweet!! The bandung cream was sprinkled with red, blue and white stars candy, it was really an eye-candy by itself, and I would gulp it delightfully had I not already filled my tummy with Full Works still in the process of digestion. The cupcake body itself was rather sweet too, giving me an artificial taste of Bandung, somehow reminded me of sugar overdose. Fortunately, I have a sweet tooth, and conquered this with some help from the supplied ice water πŸ˜›

That’s so much my adventure at Food for Thought, who currently have two outlets, in Queen Street and Botanic Gardens. Opening hours and menu can be found at their website currently: