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Inaniwa Yosuke 稲庭養助

Published March 2, 2018 by piggie

Japanese udon has been my favourite noodle ever since I re-discovered them (or rather they discovered me! LOL!) incidentally in Kagawa, the birth place of the most famous Sanuki udon. Prior to that, I tend to stay away from udon because the impression given me locally was terrible, even from some local Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Not until the arrival of Tamoya Udon here that I beginning to find authentic udon, prior to that, the colours, as well as the texture could be very contrasting to the real thing, let alone the taste.

Inaniwa Yosuke’s arrival excites me, because they are one of the 3 main udon in Japan (along with Sanuki and Mizusawa udon), and possibly with the most complicating manufacturing process, taking 4 days to make as all processes are manually done. I’ll leave the description simple here, those interested can google to learn more. But due to its tedious process, its udon don’t usually comes cheap (For Sanuki udon, it’s very affordable in Japan), as such, I have been waiting for promotion and finally my prayers are answered. They came out 2 set meals for $21.80++, choose any two of the 3 from their promotion menu comprising Unagi Kabayaki-Don Set, Ten-Don Set, and Curry Rice-Set. Among them, Unagi Kabayaki-Don Set ($21.80++) usually cost more than the other two, it looks more appealing anyway, so both me and my dining partner chose that. After that, we were asked to select from having it served hot or cold, we both wanted it cold. We went at a time when it happened we were the only customers, yet it took the chef quite long for the meals to be ready. Never mind, I ain’t hurrying him, the last thing I wanted was for the chef to expedite and skipping some procedures on the food. In truth, I appreciate his attention to details.

Unagi Kabayaki-Don Set, $21.80++

Conventional udon (usually means Sanuki because it’s more popular) comes in very thick form, still exceptionally chewy and smooth nonetheless. But Inaniwa udon is extremely thin, and because of that, when dipping into the sauce, is able to retain more sweetness of the sauce, and taste extraordinary wonderful! Its texture seems more smooth and slippery than Sanuki udon too, undoubtedly the best udon I ever tried! No wonder it has won so many accolades in Japan. The accompanied condiments include scallion, wasabi, dip them all into the sauce, and I absolutely love the kick it infused into the noodle! As for the Unagi Kabayaki-Don, not bad, not excessively sweet, and I quite enjoyed the texture, however, it pales in comparison to their udon, which is truly excellent.

Inaniwa Yosuke 稲庭養助
Japan Food Town
435 Orchard Road #04-45
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
Singapore 238877
Tel: +65 62623279


Opening Hours:…
Seriously, this is a little confusing here, their name card printed Mon-Sun, 11:00 hr to 22:00 hr, but their Facebook lisitng 11:30 hr to 22:00 hr with break between 15:00 hr to 17:30 hr. Please call to verify if necessary.


Enbu 炎舞

Published April 24, 2017 by piggie

It seems like I’m pretty addicted to Eat at Seven of late. Enbu is yet another of Eat at Seven’s element, but probably the most neglected one because of its secluded spot. In fact, it was the very first Eat at Seven restaurant when it opened although its location on roof top almost gives the impression it doesn’t belong to them. Enbu is an izakaya styled restaurant presumably partially related to Tomo Izakaya in Clarke Quay. As such, other than the food, they also carry a wide range of Japanese sake.

What makes Enbu special is their use of charcoal for grilling, or more impressively, straw-grill (warayaki). They claim to be the first (and probably only) restaurant in Singapore doing so.

Enbu Grilled Original Chicken Pattie with Ponzu Sauce, $15++

I must have left my spectacle at home when I read their menu but missing out on the straw-grilled items, anyway, I ordered Enbu Grill Original Chicken Pattie with Ponzu Sauce. The meal came with refillable tea, miso soup, a salad (if I remember correctly, I believe it’s avocado salad), and the main course. In my opinion, the Ponzu sauce definitely makes the meal more appetising. In fact, I have to credit them for the seamless effort in their presentation, which truly makes the main course such a fine piece of art!

Enbu Grilled Original Chicken Pattie with Half Boiled Egg, $15++

Their Enbu Grilled Original Chicken Pattie with Half Boiled Egg is just as impressive. Japanese love to stir egg yolk onto their rice, which gives a sweeter taste overall.

The above items are only available during lunch hours, but come during the night, I assure you the restaurant ambiance will be simply exceptional!

During my visit, JCB card holders are entitled to 1-for-1 promotion (until Jun 2017) on selected items. It’s actually quite worth it!

2nd Visit

Well, now that I learned Enbu is actually well-known for their straw-grill cuisines, what I intend to order for my return visit is pretty straightforward, one of the straw-grilled items on their menu!


Straw frame Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce, $14++

I ordered Straw frame Grilled chicken with Teriyaki Sauce. I must confess I have never tasted anything straw-grilled before, as such, I have totally zero idea how it would taste like, but full of anticipation. To be honest, I found straw-grill pretty much a gimmick, it’s quite unlike charcoal-grill where one can virtually smell the difference, though I do find the chicken delicious. And as before, Enbu’s presentation is awesome! In fact, take away the somewhat distracting term ‘straw-grill’, and this meal excel on its own right, with Teriyaki sauce of adequate sweetness that doesn’t take away any spotlight from the chicken.


Spicy Straw-Fire Grilled Chicken, $14++

On appearance, there seems to be no significant difference between this order and that I elaborated previously. It was suppose to be spicy, somehow I don’t find it so. Again, I couldn’t tell of any straw-grill aroma.


Mixed Diced Sashimi on Rice, with Yuzu Pepper Sauce, $17.50++

This is basically Kaisen-don (seafood rice), and the seafood sashimi are fresh and flavourful, and the Yuzu Pepper Sauce is delightful!

Enbu 炎舞
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-307
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 62688043

Opening Hours:
11:30hr – 15:00hr,
17:30hr – 23:00hr

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru

Published October 26, 2014 by piggie

SAM_1629_ryoshiI absolutely have to blog about this! Not solely because of the food quality nor the mediocre service, but it’s mum’s birthday feast and secondly, my new camera’s inauguration shot! LOL! 😀

First and foremost, I didn’t have anything in mind before we stepped into the shopping mall, but mum wanted to eat rice and she’s hungry for mackerel. Somehow, we walked into Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru.

The old folks were rather hard to please as dad and mum both have very different taste bud, and their flicker-mindedness didn’t make my task any easier along with the not-so-user-friendly iPad ordering system.

Let me touch on a little bit about this horrible system. I can understand its purpose is to optimise manpower, but trust me, I know how a good system should be. It must be idiot-proof, and not hiding the food items in unexpected category. To such extent I had to ask the waiter over and seek his assistance in ordering a bowl of plain rice. It didn’t help when the waiters repeatedly hurried me to place order while I was lost exploring that stupid system. They explained that it would be faster if we ordered in stages, so that the kitchen won’t jam up. Oh well, at least they bothered with a reason.. But I can tell, this horrible system is the result of two amateurish and irresponsible parties, the restaurant for not elaborating their intention clearly, and the software developer for not bothering and pre-empting the logic.

Anyway, let’s not waste too much time on the miscellaneous, and get on with the food!

Mum wanted mackerel with rice, there’s no such bundle, so we had to order individually. I suspect dad anyhow pointed his finger, which landed on a Hiyashi Udon (Cold). I was pondering between a donburi or udon, but settled for the former. I understand the meal might take sometime to prepare, so I ordered a few maki too!

Kaisen Salad Gunkan, $1.80++

Kaisen Salad Gunkan Maki, $1.80++

The first sushi that was served is Kaisen Salad Gunkan sushi, and this is my new compact digital camera’s maiden shot! No, it’s not any high end camera, just a pocket camera that is convenience on the go. 😀 The mix of seafood, plus the sweet corns, made this sushi exceptionally sweet to the tongue.

Negitoro Natto Gunkan, $2.80

Negitoro Natto Gunkan Maki, $2.80++

Mum ordered this, which is half minced fatty tuna, half natto, along with some spring onion.

Kani Miso Gunkan Maki, $3.80++

Kani Miso Gunkan Maki, $3.80++

I love Kani! Couldn’t resist ordering this, which came with real crab meat, not those cheapskate fake crab stick. Crab meat usually comes with a tint of sweetness, but together with miso crab paste here, the flavour was brought to another level!

Saba Teriyaki, $10.60++

Saba Teriyaki, $10.60++

Right, now the main course, this mackerel just had the right grill to that exact level with adequate crisp on the outside, with sweetness inside well retained. Along with a tint of lemon juice, that taste was simply wonderful!

Bara Chirashi Donburi (small), $9.60++

Bara Chirashi Donburi (small), $9.60++

I have always wanted to try sashimi donburi in Tokyo, but this was truly awesome! Although I don’t like the idea of ‘shredded’ chunk of sashimi, I couldn’t deny the taste was great, assortment of raw fish was exceptionally sweet, with both seaweed and sesame a well supplement to bring out its taste. This was my usual meal volume, which left me wondering how big will their regular portion looks like given its price is almost double at $19.40++.

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru currently has two outlets, at Liang Court and Westgate respectively.