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Tiger Street Lab

Published October 24, 2019 by piggie

The brand Tiger Beer pretty much projecting Tiger Street Lab in Jewel Changi Airport as a drinking bar, but in fact, it’s more than that, it’s a collaboration with Keng Eng Kee Seafood (瓊榮記海鲜), and somewhat turned this premise into more of an eatery, therewith getting in line with Tiger Beer’s concept that their beer goes well with local food, and by setting up this first global experiential concept store at Jewel Changi Airport, I can sense their ambition to bring this idea in reaching out to visitors from all over the world.

Tiger Street Lab offers an open air dining aura that reminiscence a casual eatery, and despite situated in-house inside Jewel, the mid-noon sun can still be rather unforgiving. I understand visitors from the colder countries may love this, but for locals, who are over exposed to scorching sun on a daily basis, naturally prefer tables with shade, good thing Tiger Street Lab has a mixture of these.

Without further ado, let’s get into their food!

Moonlight Horfun, $10+

First, allow me to highlight, that this was a custom order. The legit order should have a raw egg yolk on top to represent moonlight, but the attentive waitress was sensitive enough to inform us that children may be a little allergic to the raw egg on top, so she suggested to have it well fried and stirred with the noodles. Kudos to their service standard! Nonetheless, this Horfun is well fried with great heat (wok hei), exuding an aroma of a typically excellent horfun, and it has a good portion of shrimps, squids, and sausages. It was so great, that we actually ordered two plates to share.

Truffle Fries, $10+; Crispy Chicken Wings, $14+

These are the kid’s order actually, who actually couldn’t finish them all, and I merely helped on the fries, so no comment on the chicken wings, but as for the fries, it was fried adequately, crisp on the outside and soft inside, and what made it special got to be the truffle oil infused mayonnaise dip.

Chicken Cutlet in Tiger Lemon Radler Sauce, $18+

The description stated, “Crispy and tender chicken cutlet coated in tangy lemon sauce reduced from Tiger Lemon Radler”, I am a little sceptical about that. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t saying this ain’t good, quite the contrary, it was probably the best dish on our table. But I’m a lover of Tiger Lemon Radler, I’m pretty sure it isn’t thick enough to be reduced to become gravy. LOL! And actually, the lemon aroma was much more dominant than a can of Lemon Radler goes, and as you can see from the picture, the presence of lemon slices probably suggested that additional lemon juice, and possibly the inclusion of starch, are used in making this an exceptional savoury dish. It is possibly the best lemon chicken I’ve ever tried! Highly recommended.

Black Pepper Soft-shell Crab, $15+

Singapore’s chilli crab is famous in the region, but we decided to order something not as spicy, having its black pepper version instead. Now, I’m gonna elaborate how Tiger Street Lab, or for that matter, Keng Eng Kee Seafood are thoughtful for the diners, firstly here, by substituting all crabs on their menu with soft-shell crabs, thereby eliminating the hassle in eating crabs. Some may argue the taste may be a little different, though I agree to a certain extent, but let’s not forget their main targeted customers are still visiting tourists who may have a flight to catch, or who may have other activities in town, depending whether they are departing or arriving Singapore. And, for cases like us, who have kid among our rank, this was a very welcome attempt! While as expected, the black pepper coating ain’t likely leaving as deep an impression like its chilli crab counterpart, it’s still nonetheless chewy and offers a glimpse of how the real stuff would taste like. And particularly, I have to mention I love the fried buns (man tou), crisp on the outside, and very fluffy on the inside, and while dipping in the accompanied black pepper crab sauce, it was simply delectable!

Cereal De-shelled Prawns, $15+

Once again, their sincerity was shown in abundance through this dish. It’s quite unusual that Tze-char stalls bother to de-shell the prawns, these are extra works, and perhaps some may argue that by removing the shell, out also went some of the flavour of the dish. Personally, I like it this way, even as a Singaporean, I’m still struggling at de-shelling prawns and crabs, part of the reason why sometime I’m sceptical in ordering such dishes. I have to say, at $15, the price is considered reasonable given the amount of prawns, the cereals, as well as the effort. Rarely had I seen such generousity on the cereal, but on the other hand, I have to confess this dish fall short of expectation due to the lack of curry leaves. As such, the cereal prawns are somewhat on the salty side without the tint sweetness and spiciness of adequate curry leaves to counterbalance its flavour. Pity, this can go so much better.

I’m coming to the end of this review, but sharp eye readers may find that I missed out on an essential ingredient… Tiger Beer. Well, it wasn’t our fault really, we ordered a special Red Dragon Fruit Lager, but it never came. And as we were feeling excessively full after the meal, we simply requested the waitress to void that order upon settling the bill. I have to say, Tiger Street Lab offers a few exclusive Tiger Beer flavour not found in the market, so if you are dining here and crave for a drink, I suggest avoid getting the usual suspects, go for something exceptional. It may cost a few dollars more, but it’s a deserving experience.

Oh, by the way, Tiger Street Lab also sells merchandises, but these ain’t cheap.

Tiger Street Lab
Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard #05-205
Singapore 819666
Tel: +65 62432047

Opening Hours ~
Daily: 09:00 hr – 03:00 hr


Published June 6, 2016 by piggie

PappaRichI have heard about PappaRich for sometime, but never tried until now. They are a restaurant franchise from the other side of the causeway and I always believe that I can get cheaper Malaysian cuisine elsewhere rather than paying premium prices at their restaurants here. It’s hard to argue about that, but the fact is, PappaRich has a vast collection of Malaysian delights consolidated under one roof, and it’s a convenient choice for our Muslim friends pampering their taste buds with their love ones as well as for visitors from other countries to have a glimpse what most Malaysian cuisines are about, minus anything that do with pork of course.

Pappa Prawn Mee, S$10.90++

Pappa Prawn Mee, S$10.90++

I won’t pretend their Prawn Mee is wonderful, but it’s decent nonetheless. With shredded chicken, 4 pieces of big prawns, hard boiled egg, bean sprouts, and water spinach. The soup is moderately sweet, but a good prawn broth usually comes richer.

Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken, S$10.90++

Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken, S$10.90++

The Kuay Teow soup came with flat rice noodle, spring onions, chives, and bean sprouts. I’m not a great fan of their chicken broth Kuay Teow Soup, which is light, and unremarkable for that price if not for the accompanying steamed chicken. Their steamed chicken is simply outstanding and deserves ranking among the best steamed chicken in Singapore! The meat are tender, oily, and taste marvelous with the soy sauce. PappaRich do serves steamed chicken with rice in their menu, and I suggest for those who like to try their steamed chicken to go along with rice. I will probably try it in my subsequent visit.

2nd Visit

Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup with Prawns & Chicken Slices, $9.90++

Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup with Prawns & Chicken Slices, $9.90++

This dish is quite similar to that of Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken above, same bland soup, but with the addition of chicken slices and prawns. However, given a choice though, I’d still prefer one that comes along with the steamed chicken, because the nicely marinated chicken managed to bring the taste up by a small level.

Pappa Char Kuay Teow, $9.90++

Pappa Char Kuay Teow, $9.90++

This wok-fried flat noodles include 4 prawns, egg, cockles, chives, and bean sprouts. On its look, it certainly is attractive, and many diners ordered this dish while I was there. Indeed, it tastes good, probably the closest it can go to the real thing without the use of lard. However, it’s a healthier choice, and this remains the best order I had there!

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Published July 14, 2013 by piggie

Call this my tribute to Kenny Rogers Roasters, after many years of patronising them, the feeling they give me is still as great as the first time I stepped into their restaurant, I still remember they were playing some of Kenny Rogers’ favourite songs then, though I admit I wasn’t really one of his fans but the music was quite soothing nevertheless.

On a quiet Thursday noon, I walked into Kenny Rogers Roasters at 313@Somerset, intending to order their trademark ¼ Roast Chicken but changed my mind upon seeing they also have this promotion on Chicken Pot Pie. Since I had tasted their Roast Chicken several times before, I thought why not gave their Pot Pie a try?

Chicken Pot Pie ($15.90++)

Chicken Pot Pie ($15.90++)

Their weekday promotion (available for ¼ Roast Chicken too) was that a free drink is bundled together with the Pot Pie and two side orders, which I chosen Mashed Potato & Gravy and Macaroni & Cheese. However, when the Pot Pie was served, I had a tint of regret… probably should have stuck with ¼ Roast Chicken instead. Make no mistake, not that it tasted terrible, just that the portion of the pot pie far exceeded my expectation. With this bread-based pot pie and the size of it, I could probably skipped dinner altogether! Which was relatively proven true afterward. Yeah, I could have left the bread untouched, but I wasn’t one who waste food.

The pot pie contained chicken, carrots, and potatoes amidst pepper gravy, it was warm when served, though I can’t say remained so throughout. Afterall, it took me about 45 minutes to finish it 😛 But one aspect I was quite impressed was that the bread was surprisingly crisp when it was served, and I ain’t referring to its crust! Overall, it really tasted great.

As always, Kenny Rogers butter corn muffin was sensational, the smell of the sweet corn was tastefully melted into the butter muffin, and I have never tasted better elsewhere. They claimed their muffins were homemade, but I don’t buy that 😛 Self-made perhaps, but seriously, how do they define ‘home’?

Of the two side orders, Mashed Potato was my all time favourite (particularly at KFC, and especially Popeye’s), but I found their version rather hard or compact, I would have preferred a little softer and with more gravy. As for the macaroni, it’s truly meant for cheese lover, fortunately I’m one! The thick and creamy cheese thoroughly turned on the macaroni, and offered a diversed taste from the chicken pot pie gravy, simply enjoyable!

For the drink, I was allowed to choose any soft drink or ice tea, which I selected the later. It just wasn’t the usual Seasons Ice Lemon tea, I love the rich tea taste with a slice of lemon to freshen it.

All in all, this was one set meal which I couldn’t find a single compromisation on any single component. I won’t called it exceptional, but so far, Kenny Rogers NEVER fail to appease me with their quality.

Quarter Chicken Set ($15.90)

¼ Roast Chicken Set ($15.90++)

Perhaps I said it a little too haste. On my subsequent visit to their 313@Somerset outlet in as many weeks, I had the opportunity to try out their ¼ Roast Chicken set, which also came with two sides but not the drink (the free drink offer is valid only over weekday afternoon). I selected Mashed Potato & Gravy again, plus Garden Pasta Salad. My friend had Sweet Corn and Macaroni & Cheese. Somehow, we felt the muffin was not as good as before, and so was the roast chicken. It seem the chicken could do with more pepper but most significantly, we both felt the chicken shrunk in side in contrast to our previous respective visit (from other branches). Or maybe the ¼ portion with wing looked smaller? Hmm…