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Hattendo 八天堂

Published August 4, 2017 by piggie

I came to know Hattendo during a Japan Rail Cafe event late last year, when they were still under renovation (they actually started business here in Jan 2017), but I didn’t try it until recently. Hailing from Hiroshima with a history dating back to 1933, I really regret didn’t hear of it during my my three visit to Hiroshima since 2008, but actually their main outlet in Hiroshima prefecture is based in Mihara, some 70km away from downtown Hiroshima. I thought it was just another ordinary pastry when they ventured into Singapore, and how wrong I was!

Prior to trying Hattendo, I thought what wrapped underneath was some type of biscuit. I was wrong. It’s more like soft bun. They do offer more than just these cream buns of course, but undeniably, cream buns are their forte. Hence naturally, I’m trying their cream buns for a start.

Not sure if there’s any minimum quantity for a box purchase, but they included two ice pack in mine to keep the bun cooled. If you haven’t guessed by now, that gives you a strong hint what its content is like. I was told the ice pack can last for 2 hours, then you will have to keep them in fridge, and the buns have to be finished by the next day.

Each of these cream bun cost S$2.50, but 5 of these in a box cost S$12.00 nett. Their pricing here is surprisingly cheaper than what you will be getting in Japan, at ¥250 (before tax) each. I suspect they may be localising some of the ingredients here, anyway since it tastes this great, I won’t have mind. In general, Hattendo has 5 basic flavours, including Azuki Sweet Bun (Red Bean, clockwise from top left), Custard, Whipped Cream, Chocolate, and Matcha. Recently, they also launched a Melon bun for a slightly higher price, the filling will still be the same, just that the soft bun is replaced by Hong Kong styled melon bun.

The cream bun is indeed a bun, at least on the exterior. Be warned (and I hinted you on ice packs, remember?), don’t leave it in the open for too long before you consume it. Inside, was something with texture like molten ice cream, probably because I ate it as soon as I brought them home, which was still not as bad. It’s actually best to fridge them for some time before consumption, otherwise, you will find that the content melted and before you knew it, you may need to clean yourself and/or mop the floor. Now I understand why my friend told me it’s best to consume from their store (So that’s why they have seats in their outlet! Just kidding, it’s a café really, with their coffee created by Itsuki Coffee from Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture).

As for the taste, it’s rich, creamy, and flavourful, miles better than the ice cream produced in this region, and quite unlike those world renowned premium ice cream, if you know how Japanese ice cream tastes like, you will know what I mean. Among them, only the Azuki Sweet Bun contains beans, the rest are very much just cream.

Notice the packaging indicates ‘Singapore’, which makes me wonder whether if it tastes much better in Japan. Mihara, where Hattendo originated from, is not a place where tourists normally stop by, unless you are going to/fro Hiroshima Airport, and that’s where you will find the nearest Shinkansen station. Anyway, they have an outlet right at Hiroshima Airport too (Oh, the airport is hidden deep inside the mountain by the way, very far from city center)! Come late October, SilkAir will fly Hiroshima, and if you fly there, do try out Hattendo there and let me know the difference! By the way, Chugoku (where Hiroshima prefecture is) is really a nice place to visit, I would say right after Kanto, Kansai, and Kyushu, ahead of Hokkaido because the latter is only wonderful over summer. Chugoku is a gateway to many hidden gems in Japan that many Singaporeans have yet to uncover! Oh, before you get the wrong idea that this article is sponsored, I assured you it’s not, and certainly not from SilkAir, LOL! I just got excited whenever the topic involves travelling in Japan, not just Japanese cuisines, and I actually write a lot better on travelling than food review! 😛

Subsequent Visits (2019)

OK, I have got some Tanjong Pagar Center vouchers to spend, and eventually decided on Hattendo, I was surprise to find that apart from cream bun, they actually offer a lot more!

Hattendo do not have an extensive menu besides their cream bun, but they do serve burgers and hot dogs set that come with a side of either truffle fries or mini salad, as well as a beverage of your choice. I came to understand that these are somewhat similar to what they are currently offering in their Cafelie in Japan near Hiroshima Airport, not something that you can find in their other pop-up stores all over Japan.

Pork and Kimchi Burger Set with Caramel Latte, $16

I ordered their Pork and Kimchi Burger Set, and paid another dollar more for their premium beverage Caramel Latte. To be honest, I expected it to be mediocre, but how wrong I was!

The truffle fries have every signatures of how good fries should taste, adequate crunchiness, mild aroma, and perhaps a healthier choice than my favourite McDonald’s fries. But the spotlight certainly has to on their burger, which comes with extremely fluffy bun to begin with, generous vegetable salads inside, and most significantly, delicious bacon with Kimchi! The pork are marinated to an extent that it’s sufficient to ensure the Kimchi ain’t overshadowing it. And I have to add, my chosen Caramel Coffee is an absolute delight, way better than most beverages found on Starbuck’s menu! It’s rich and flavourful, exemplifying how a cup of satisfying coffee should taste.

Chicken Nanban Burger Set with Hazelnut Mocha, $16

My dining partner had their Chicken Nanban Burger Set, pairing with a Mini Salad instead, as well as a Hazelnut Mocha. She had some reservation about the Chicken Nanban Burger, and certainly felt the salad ain’t as fresh as what we would have found in Japan. As for the Hazelnut Mocha, it was simply excellent! I can smell the tempting aroma from across the table, and she said it was the best coffee she had for quite a while, which I presume apart from the fragrance, possess a remarkable depth for her to say that.

Upon our return from Japan, ironically Hiroshima, we returned to Hattendo for lunch. This time, we spotted something new, Chicken Nanban Set Lunch and Ginger Fried Pork Set Lunch. I was tempted to order one of each, but was told they only serve the latter on the day. Well then.

Ginger Fried Pork Set Lunch, $13

The set comprise of the main course along with a bowl of rice, miso soup, and a mini version of their signature cream bun. Having tried their Pork and Kimchi burger not long ago, I know how great their pork can taste. And this certainly carries on the feel good factors ever since I first visited them. It seems to me that Japanese ginger doesn’t get as spicy as what we normally had in the region, as me and my dining partner couldn’t really feel the gingerly taste. But that ain’t important, what’s essential is its overall taste, which was rather flavourful, and well supplemented by generous vegetable salad and a very juicy slice of tomato. Pity it didn’t come with any beverage, but the mini chocolate cream bun somewhat made up for that.

Hattendo 八天堂
7 Wallich Street #01-05
Tanjong Pagar Centre
Singapore 078884

Opening Hours:
10:00hr – 21:00hr (Mon~Fri)
11:00hr – 20:00hr (Sat~Sun, PH)


Ginza Lion (formerly Ginza Lion Beer Hall)

Published October 25, 2016 by piggie

I have walked pass Ginza Lion Beer Hall in Suntec City many times, and everytime I thought it was a place for drinking and perhaps fingers food, much like a pub. Not until one day when I saw them put out a billboard of their lunch time special, that I realised they do serve proper meal! So one fine afternoon, I picked a friend to join me for a quick meal before a show.

Pan Seared Fish, $12++

Pan Seared Fish (with tartar sauce), $12++

We tried out two offer items from their lunch promotion and I had a Pan Seared Fish, served with french fries, broccoli, and carrot. I was also given an option to choose between a Salsa sauce, a Tartar sauce, or a Japanese Shoyu sauce. The fish was rather soft, in fact too soft for my liking, but at least the fries were nice, close to my favourite McDonald’s, but less salty.

Grilled Chicken (Oroshi Ponzu), $12++

Grilled Chicken (Oroshi Ponzu), $12++

My friend had a Grilled Chicken, served with thyme, french fries, broccoli, and carrot. She chose the Oroshi Ponzu sauce out of 4 options (along with Demi Glace, Hot Spicy, Teriyaki). While I didn’t taste obvious citrus from the Ponzu sauce, I have to confess the grilled chicken tasted great, with a thinly crisp skin and tender texture. Guess I will have this if I return.

And perhaps you would like to order a pint of Sapporo beer to go with your meal if you are visiting too!

2nd Visit

My 2nd Visit came after quite a while, this time bringing the old folks. The last time round, I went to what (I believe to be just Ginza Lion, well, this time I realise they are actually also integrating with Tonkichi, another house brand under Sapporo Lion group in Singapore. That explains their Japanese cuisine option in their menu.

Seafood Salad, $20++

Their Seafood Salad comprises salmon, squid, clam, mussels, shrimp, tobiko, and rocket. Naturally, the salmon is served raw, and the accompanied tobiko as well as lemon added a very appetising flavour to the salad. The rest of the seafood are well cooked.

Mixed Seafood Katsu Set, $22++

I didn’t have a try on their Mixed Seafood Katsu Set, but it was served along with Miso soup and fragrant rice. The seafood comprises prawns, salmon, and I believe, fried oysters.

Shoyu Ramen? $14++

Much as I was tempted to order their signatures, I was recovering from cough and sore throat, and had to avoid fried food, I settled for their Shoyu Ramen instead. They served Tonkotsu Ramen and Shoyu Ramen (both $14++). After a while, I didn’t see my order coming, it was then the waitress came over to inform me spontaneously that the kitchen cooked a wrong order and had to redo it. We weren’t in a hurry anyway, and had no problem with that. Eventually, I believe I was still served the wrong order, my noodle tasted more like Tonkotsu Ramen rather than Shoyu Ramen. Well, I’m still fine with that. BUT, not when I found out my noodles still stick together. This is certainly amateurish! Seriously, I ain’t a real cook, and I can come out something better. I hardly had such noodle in Singapore, and definitely not in Japan. That alone is not worth the $14++ restaurant price. Though taste wise, I will only use the word decent, nothing spectacular. The ramen has almost everything standard in a Japanese ramen except seaweed, which means it comprises charshu (2 thin slices), half a tamago which still retain some runny touch, bamboo shoot, and scallion, but no naruto fish cake.

Brunches Cafe

Published September 12, 2016 by piggie


I rarely post a restaurant decor, but I really have to make an exception this time. For, I feel this is a restaurant that deserves a special mentioning. And I believe if you bring along the old folks, they will have a wonderful time here. Those magazines on the shelf are very old magazines, probably older than many reading this post, and maybe published while your parents were still dating.

Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries and Buttery Crumbles Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream, $10.50++

We only have one order, that is, Mixed Berries and Buttery Crumbles with Vanilla Ice Cream. While the dessert looks presentable, the taste is good too. Personally, I love the crunchy crumbles, which really brings up the ice cream taste up a notch. But if you still have not yet notice, take another look at the plate. Vintage huh?

Yup, right, that’s exactly what the cafe is trying to sell, that vintage feeling. Which is why I deliberately post its decor here. Still not impressed? You’re probably right, I ain’t too, not until you see the pictures below.


This is a vintage Mini Cooper. Don’t get it wrong, the car is INSIDE the restaurant! And it’s not here to woo babes, it has now become a table, a seat! We were offered this seat upon entering the restaurant, but I don’t really like the limelight. Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, the seats are somewhat compact, both me and my dining companion have long legs, though technically we can still push it back, it used to be a real car, but it’s heavy.

The Mini Cooper seat

The Mini Cooper seat


This is the seat we eventually chose, converted from oil barrels. Truth be told, it’s a bit low for diners, avoid it if you are having proper meals here. OK, these two seats are the most eye-catching in the restaurant. That’s not all, here’s another one.



This restaurant isn’t all about vintage decor and fancy seatings. They have plenty of nostalgic items such as magazines, toys, stationery, and many other collectibles. Most of them are actually for sale! Coming here is very much like taking a walk down memory lane, especially for the older generations. In fact, we were so impressed that we couldn’t help taking pictures all over, disregarding any probing glances from other diners in the cafe.

As for food wise, they do serve main courses, all day breakfast etc. It’s worth a visit, even just for that vintage ambience alone.

2nd Visit

Didn’t quite expect, that my subsequent visit would take a long 2 years later. And because it happened to be Halloween, their decor has some seasonal spooky makeover.

Eggs Royale, $17.90++

Brunches Cafe’s Eggs Royale, consists of poached eggs with smoked salmon and rocket, covered with house made Hollandaise sauce. The look is rather appealing, reminding me of Gudetama. While I feel their salmon can do with a little more seasoning, I do find their salad adequately appetising.

Plain Waffle with Butter, Maple Syrup, with choice of Ice Cream (Grande), $9.90++

While the waffle may looks plain, it is at least crisp, the plus point has to be the pistachio ice cream. They have 2 size for Plain Waffle, the single size available for $7.90++

3rd Visit

Though there was a 2 year span between my first two visit, my 3rd came a lot sooner. This time, merely 2 months later, and coinciding with Christmas.

8″ Heavenly Bake Thin-crust Gourmet Pizza (Hawaiian), $16.50++

My dining partner didn’t feel too hungry, so we decided to order something that we can easily share. Now, the word ‘Heavenly’ is overwhelmingly misleading here, not only the look and taste are far from heavenly, it’s outright terrible. I seldom use such extreme words, but to begin with, the crust is too hard. Secondly, the description put the ingredients as tomato sauce, cheese, button mushroom, bell peppers, onion, topped with aragula (sic) and BBQ sauce, and the topping to be chosen from Portobello, Hawaiian, Roasted Chicken, Shrimp & Squid, Smoked Salmon & Feta. Honestly, we only saw cheese, pineapples, and chicken ham. Not only that, the taste just doesn’t blend, it’s rather bland as if the respective ingredients cannot work with one another. By far, this is the worst pizza I ever had, even $1 plain cheese pizza from New York tasted so much better. It’s a waste of ingredients really. Epic failure, period.

Molten Lava Cake with choice of Ice Cream, $11.50++

Good thing their Molten Lava Cake and Ice Cream made up our Christmas mood to some extent. The molten chocolate is quite generous, and as usual, our chosen Pistachio ice cream is remarkable. If there’s anything negative, then I have to say the strawberry is not as fresh. But you’ll have to pardon me for my stringent gauge on strawberries, for I have just returned from Japan, and the strawberries I tasted there easily outshine any you can find on our shore.

Brunches Cafe
96 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218381
Tel: 86858488

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 10:30hr – 21:00hr,
Weedends 09:30hr – 21:00hr

The Burger Bar by fatboy’s concepts

Published January 9, 2015 by piggie

Burger_Bar_DSC00045I got some The Burger Bar vouchers from Marina Square, and happily brought my friend to try it out (at their Marina Square branch of course), and as a summary, this customise burger chain certainly did not disappoint.

This is how the order is carried out:

  • First, from their iPad order station, select a burger (hamburger, cheeseburger etc)
  • Next, select your choice of bread (honey oak, sesame etc)
  • Then, the meat patty (grilled chicken, pork, beef etc)
  • Subsequently, the range of free and chargable add-on such as lettuce, tomato, various sauces etc
  • Done. Note the order number from the iPad, and inform the counter staff of it. You will then be given an electronic coaster pager which will alert you to collect your order when it’s ready.

The whole procedure are quite self-centered, and no worry, they ain’t charging any service charge.


Hamburger ($6.50)

Their Honey Oak bun is lovely, in my opinion better than those I would normally find at Subway. Right here, I selected grilled chicken patty, with all the free add-on available, which include shredded lettuce, tomato slice, pickles, and mayonnaise. The chicken was grilled to a good degree, giving a great proportion of tenderness and aroma.

Cheese Burger ($7.50)

Cheese Burger ($7.50)

Their cheeseburger cost $1 more. Over here, I had the honey oat bun too, with Monterey Jack cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato slice, pickles, truffle mayonnaise (additional $1), along with a pork patty. However, I have to confess, even with the truffle mayonnaise and extra cheese added, I still find myself preferring their grilled chicken burger upon comparison.

Parmesan Truffle Fries ($5.50)

Parmesan Truffle Fries ($5.50)

Having tried their burgers, I was keen to try out their fries too. Their Parmesan Truffle Fries came in larger size as well as portion in comparison to those from the big three fast food chain here. It was relatively crisp, with a tint of cheesy flavour and a little salty. Note, I didn’t say the fries itself taste better than McDonald’s, I still prefer the later.

Cheese Fries ($4.50)

Cheese Fries ($4.50)

Their Cheese Fries have molten cheese generously coated on top, that ratio makes the fries more tantalising than their cheaper counterparts at other conventional fast food chain, not to mention proportion too!

Before signing this off, I have to warn, don’t over estimate your appetite. Their fries are good enough for two persons if you also order a burger each at the same time. We ended up having to wrap up some fries and smuggled them into the cinema. So, unless you are potential big eater, be warned! 😛


Boulangerie Asanoya

Published December 29, 2014 by piggie

Asanoya_DSC00328I wonder how many heard of Boulangerie Asanoya before they launched their first oversea franchise here? I did. And it was back in 2010 when I researched on Karuizawa, Japan. But I did not patronise them while I was there, putting off by their exorbitant pricing amidst an exponentially inflated Japanese Yen exchange rate of ¥100:S$1.50, 2 breads almost equivalent to a bowl of filling ramen.

But my friend has a knack for confectionery, so I decided to bring her here, in part also to make up for that little regret skipping over it during my previous Karuizawa trip.

As expected, the price here ain’t cheap either. We bought 4 breads, and chose to eat on site, they do have tables for patrons along with supplied cutlery and plain water, and they serve salad and meals beside the confectionery too. It was not too crowded over a Sunday afternoon, we didn’t have much problem getting empty seats.


Peanut Butter Danish with Mixed Nuts ($3.60) & Maple Walnut Pretzel ($3.20), prices included GST

First, the Maple Walnut Pretzel. I am not a fan of pretzel and I was a little bewildered when my friend chose this (She probably did her homework, I didn’t :P). However, I must confess my prejudice was overruled once I took a bite. Missing was the usual stiffness of a typical New York pretzel which I hate to the core, it’s more like a crunchy bread with walnut fragment, and baked with maple cream applied. Though I won’t call it fantastic, but it’s probably the best pretzel I ever tried.

I love their mixed nuts Danish. I’m nut over nuts, and the addition of peanut butter simply made this Danish an absolute joy to try, it certainly didn’t fail to please!

Yuzu Cheesecake ($4.50)

Yuzu Cheesecake ($4.50)

I’m a cheesecake lover, but afraid I couldn’t say so for this Yuzu Cheesecake (or cheese cube whatever). This is the most expensive among my order, and also the most disappointing. I didn’t realise they applied sourcream in it, somehow, I felt the sourness had overpowered the rich cheese taste for a cheesecake. It’s probably more sour than any lemon cheesecake I ever tried (including those I tried in New York City), definitely too sour for a Yuzu in my opinion, I was going after a refreshing taste, and I didn’t expect one more sour than a lemon. Or was it just my personal preference?

Cranberry Cheese Campagne ($3.20)

Cranberry Cheese Campagne ($3.20)

I like the blend of cheese and cranberries in this bread. Though in the shadow of the mixed nut danish and pretzel, I found this a little bland in comparison.

I’d say, Asanoya charges a premium price, but my overall experience was quite enjoyable, and I look forward to trying their other confectionery!

The Soup Spoon Union

Published April 28, 2014 by piggie

TSSUNION_MAINMENU_mainI am a little embarrassed to confess that although I had walked pass The Soup Spoon many times, but I never had the idea of patronising them ever. I probably still won’t had I not obtained some of their vouchers on the cheap.

On a Sunday evening, I decided to visit The Soup Spoon Union at Raffles City because it’s probably their biggest outlet, with a fusion of food variety which includes their trademark soup, as well as noodles and burgers.

Despite coming on a bustling Sunday evening, The Soup Spoon Union only had a moderate crowd as compare to many of their other restaurant peers around the vicinity. I thought we could have a seat first and casually browse through the menu, but that wasn’t the case. Patrons have to grab a copy of their menu (prices indicated are already inclusive of GST) at the queue entry and make payment (either by cash or NETS) before seating. That can be quite congested if there are more than 5 parties queuing as their holding area is rather small. After payment, patrons would be given a electronic beeper and free to select any seats inside the restaurant (yes, the waiters won’t be leading you, but you ain’t paying any service charge anyway).

The food was served surprisingly fast, within a couple of minutes upon seating. That only means one thing, they are super efficient, but most significantly, the food were prepared well in advance and merely rinse through with broth (if any) before serving.

Pulled Pork Burger, $10.80

Pulled Pork Burger, $10.80

I had a Pulled Pork Burger from their ala-carte menu, and surprisingly, the pulled pork was very well marinated, probably the best I ever tried, retaining that right balance of sweetness, and topped with lettuce, tomato, and vegetable salad. Though I feel at such price, it seems a little ex, but pulled pork is a lot of work, involving hand-pulled before marinating (probably that’s why they called it Handburger?), and to obtain an optimum taste is not easy, however, they did it.

Tokyo Chicken Stew, $7.50

Tokyo Chicken Stew, $7.50

The bread that came along with this order was very different from that on their menu, which was suppose to be a small French baguette. Instead, we were given a ciabatta, though personally, I would have preferred the later anyway. The actual soup was also looked entirely different as well. It is understood that The Soup Spoon had simmered the marinated chicken into a broth of sake and mirin, and served together with ingredients such as lotus roots, shiitake, enoki mushroom, white radish, and bamboo shoots. The overall flavour was moderate, expected that of the mushrooms and chicken soup, but done with a Japanese touch.

Indonesian Soto Ayam, $10.80

Indonesian Soto Ayam, $10.80

The next order we had was Indonesian Soto Ayam, basically glass noodle with grilled chicken leg, in chicken broth spiced with galanga, lemongrass, candlenuts, egg, served with chili, Indonesian soy sauce, crispy fried shallots, potato crisps, and a slice of lemon. Apparently, the drumstick was pre-grilled, but it made little difference as it was soaked into the broth anyway, the meat was tender nevertheless. The broth tasted light, lacking strong characteristic, at best moderate in my opinion. After all, I got to admit I am never a fan of Mee Soto in the first place.

In general, I had difficulty identifying the genre of the food they serve, I suppose I can call it a fusion, with a trail of all things Asian.

The Soup Spoon Union
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road #B1-61
Singapore 179103
Open daily: 10.30am – 10.00pm
Tel: 63343220

Fish & Co

Published July 25, 2013 by piggie

It was a long time since I last visited Fish & Co, and this seems like a refresher course for me. Admittedly, I quite forgotten how I found it few years back 😛 And since I have a few vouchers to spare, I decided to bring my parents for a little food adventure!

Grilled Salmon Cajun Fingerlings ($10.95++)

Grilled Salmon Cajun Fingerlings ($10.95++)

The old folks always seem to have synchronisation issue, somehow, dad already had his lunch before we came here for lunch, so he settled for the fingerlings portion of Grilled Salmon Cajun. Dad was offered one side, he chosen Chips, which would have otherwise cost $2.95. According to the menu, sashimi-grade salmon was grilled with unique blend of Cajun spice and topped with lemon butter sauce. The fries tasted quite normal though, nothing sensational. It lacked the crispiness of McDonald’s fries, but good thing it wasn’t too salty. I didn’t try the salmon, can’t comment on that.

Seafood for 1 Platter ($20.95++)

Seafood for 1 Platter ($20.95++)

I love seafood! I thought it’s time to pamper myself a little by indulging in a platter, which apparently, was dominated by the prawns. Grilled prawns, white fish, and grilled calamari was served with paella rice and chips in this platter. There’s nothing much to talk about the fries really, and the white fish was actually lightly grilled cod fish. While the taste of the fish was nothing exceptional, I appreciate they kept it light for a healthy flavour, though not so for the calamari, which really had to be well grilled to bring out the taste. The prawns were fresh, butter-grilled, and obviously the star of the dish. Not to forget the paella rice, which was cooked with raisins, offered a sweet taste and served as a good compliment to the seafood. For this order, I was not asked for any side, it came as offered. And as can be seen, the quantity of the grilled items was abundance enough to cover the paella rice with a great help from the chips, imagine how filling can it be! And indeed, after finishing the paella rice, it’s like taken two meals for me. The portion was so generous that for once, I almost thought I was back in Europe or States.

Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Scallops ($18.95)

Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Scallops ($18.95++)

Mum ordered the Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Scallops, she had the paella rice and homemade coleslaw as sides (otherwise $2.95 each), but I guess she probably regret having the rice, because she found the rice too oily, with the oil dripped from the Peri-Peri Chicken apparently. While there was nothing worth mentioning about the coleslaw, the chicken was tastefully done, the thick gravy indeed spiced it up, and if you asked for some garlic chili which they kept inside a closet, you’d probably find the taste up another level like we did. The scallops were tastefully coated with cheese, much to my delight, that really compliment the chicken well. This would be a dish I’d love to try on my subsequent visit, but I won’t take the paella 😛


On 26 Jan 2014, I re-visited Fish & Co, this time their Vivocity outlet, and again, with my parents. I read that not all Fish & Co are equal, especially their Ang Mo Kio outlet, notorious for their service standard, but at least for Vivocity, they are earning rave reviews.

Sneak Preview, $16.95

Sneak Preview ($16.95++)

The old folks were rather flicker-minded over their selection, but eventually decided to try different order from the menu from what we had at their 313@Somerset branch. Mum ordered this, but when this platter was served, for a moment, we thought they had served us a wrong order. It was quite a large serving for $16.95, certainly in contrary to its name Sneak Preview, which I expected to be of finger portion. As it turned out, it was big enough for two person. This order comprises nachos, fried calamari, fish nuggets, and prawn fritters. While there was nothing worth mentioning about the nachos, we absolutely love the calamari, which didn’t give us the usual rubber-liked texture we’d tried elsewhere. For the prawn, they had crusted it with just the right amount of coating, retaining the freshness of the prawns as the main draw without over emphasising on the flour. Overall, this will be a good order for sharing!

Soft Shell Crab Salad ($11.95++)

Soft Shell Crab Salad ($11.95++)

Dad ordered this Soft Shell Crab Salad, which looked petite, but he doesn’t eat much usually. In any case, we shared all our orders, and good thing this one ain’t that filling, or else we would have struggled with the Sneak Preview. The green’s definitely the mainstay of this order, but I was surprise salad sauce was not given separately. Their soft shell crab is nice, but I would not want to brag excessively beyond that.

The Best Fish & Chips in Town! ($15.95++)

The Best Fish & Chips in Town! ($15.95++)

Fish & Co must be very proud of this order from how they named it huh (or was it their gimmick??)? I like Fish & Chips, and Fish & Co has quite a number of different styles over how it’s made, from New York, to London, to our sunny Singapore, wonder what they would come out next? The cod fish fillet was tender and juicy, but I guess the magic must be on the sauce, or rather the cheese spread over the fillet. Overall, it was tasty, but I certainly won’t claim it to be the best I ever tried. Fries were well fried, though anytime I’d still prefer those from McDonald’s.

All in all, we were very pleased with Fish & Co’s service at Vivocity. The quality of the food was good, and the serving time reasonable, despite almost a full house on a Sunday evening.

I’ll be visiting again, though not sure which outlet 😛