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Published October 23, 2016 by piggie
Rice Vermicelli with Mushroom & Tofu, $10.90

Rice Vermicelli with Mushroom & Tofu, $10.90 (Bún trộn nấm)

I rarely try Vietnamese cuisine, not in Singapore. While I had a decent one in Sydney, I had to say my most remarkable Vietnamese meal was at Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon). Back there, I remember the noodle I ordered surprisingly came with an extremely large plate of mixed vegetables, so much so that the vegetables alone was enough to be considered as one full meal (What? Am I a goat? LOL!). Seriously, I was surprise at the generous portion. I had a hard time finishing it, and up till this day, I remember the taste very well, it’s quite unlike those vegetable we had in Singapore, not one bit. It came with a very strong fragrance of peppermint.

When I ordered this Rice Vermicelli with Mushroom & Tofu from Wrap & Roll, I expected a very plain noodle. I was quite surprise at its flavour! It was actually quite a good blend with the fried Tofu, bean sprout, mushroom, mixed vegetables, and peanut flakes, with accompanied sauce. But the peppermint aroma that I remember so well from my Vietnamese experience returns, though not as strong as back then. Naturally, because the portion of vegetables in this bowl wasn’t even 10% portion of that I had in Saigon. OK, genuinity checked.

I poured the sauce into the vermicelli and gently stirred, and despite the lack of meat, the overall taste was rather flavourful.

Looking forward to visiting Wrap & Roll again!