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Café Gavroche

Published October 18, 2016 by piggie


p_20161011_130649I tried to research on Café Gavroche prior to my visit, but was unable to find out much constructive reviews from the web. I did learn that Café Gavroche is Chef Frédéric Colin’s spin off of his Brasserie Gavroche restaurant just across the street though. Chef Frédéric Colin was formerly the executive chef of The St. Regis, and along with the mostly positive reviews on Brasserie Gavroche, in a way, I guess that’s a testament of his culinary skill.

Granted, Café Gavroche is located along Tras Street, about the edge of Singapore’s financial hub, the weekday lunch crowd at Café Gavroche was rather sparse during our visit, in fact I found most of the diners are Caucasians. I guess they truly appreciate the Parisian ambience here. Talking about setting, there are three section of dining area here, the main one in the middle has an aura of French touch, very much similar to one you will adore along the street of Avenue des Champs-Élysées, with natural light flowing in from the ceiling, stone flooring, vibrant French posters, and even a lamp post that reminiscent the glamourous Parisian street! I learn that comes night fall, there will even be illumination here that will surely convert this into a romantic spot! I barely touch on restaurant ambience in my reviews, but I can hardly resist doing this for Café Gavroche. Even before our food were served, me and my dining companion were completely captivated by such setting. It’s a jewel waiting to be unearthed, especially in the evening!

Le Parisien,

Le Parisien, $14++

Food wise, me and my friend aren’t big meat eater, so we had a sandwich each, along with desserts. I had a Le Parisien, it’s a traditional French sandwich with cooked ham, butter, and gherkins (pickled cucumber). If you ask me how does it taste, I’m afraid there’s nothing much to brag about, I just find it moderate.

Croque-Madame, $16++

Croque-Madame, $18++

The Croque-Madame my friend ordered is certainly more impressive. It’s a baked ham and Emmental cheese sandwich with Béchamel sauce and a sunny-side up. We love the French toast, it really brings up the taste of the ham and cheese!

Crème Brûlée, $12++

Crème Brûlée, $12++

Crème Brûlée here is a Vanilla cream custard. I love custard, but somehow, this Crème Brûlée is too rich for my personal liking.

Profiteroles, $10++

Profiteroles, $10++

My dining partner ordered Profiteroles, which is a Choux pastry with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. We simply love this, with or without the chocolate sauce which was served in a separate container! The ice cream was so creamy I couldn’t have enough of it, while the almond flakes was a pleasant surprise, making the pastry extra flavourful.

I hardly visited a French restaurant, and I must confess my first visit to Café Gavroche is quite a pleasant one. Pierre, the in-charge, was quite friendly and approachable. And I would absolutely love to visit again.

Café Gavroche
69 Tras Street
Singapore 079008
Tel: +65 62254869
Opening hours vary, but close on Monday