ENAQ The Prata Shop

Published March 24, 2021 by piggie

I was introduced to this hidden gem of a prata shop in Jurong East by a colleague, or otherwise, I may never have uncovered it. In particular, at least for their Jurong East outlet. It’s located some distance from the main road, that unless you drive inside the residential car park, you won’t spot it from the main road outside. Yet, there was quite a crowd even when we arrived for a weekend lunch, we needed to wait for available table.

We started off with the pratas.

Plain Prata, $1.10 (min 2 pcs)

I ordered Plain Prata for my dining partner, and got myself a Cheese Prata. Let’s begin with their plain prata.

Their plain prata is going for $1.10 each, but there’s a MOQ of 2 pieces (only for plain prata). The owner seems like very petty if customer only order 1 cheapest prata, porbably because it’s tough to justify the rental if customer just order one plain prata and sit for 30 mins? Anyway, the prata is crisp on the outside, yet still retain some chewy texture on the inside. I love it that they are offering two different dip sauce, the conventional curry, as well as sambal chili. But I would say, you will like it here if you like your prata crispy.

Cheese Prata, $2.20

The cheese prata still offer that same crispiness, but I find the cheese taste somewhat lacking. The presence is there, just that it wasn’t as rich as I anticipated. Nonetheless, the saving grace is its crispiness, and the two dip sauce.

Roti John (Chicken), $5.00

I ought to have known better.

I was eager to try Roti John again after not having it for decades. I used to have Roti John in my school for half this portion at just $1. And I actually didn’t notice the price here before ordering, assuming the portion would be similiar. Horrendous mistake. Good thing I meant it to be shared anyway, because the portion here easily double that of my cheese prata, I ended up as if eaten buffet after this meal. Seriously!

Anyway, the meat part and the egg is quite sumptuous, and once again, love the dual dip sauce offering a variance in taste. I would say, this is more than good enough for one meal, very filling. If only I had ordered this first, I am unlikely to follow up with any prata.

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