Afuri Ramen

Published January 2, 2021 by piggie

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to try a unique cup noodle, and was awed by its flavour. But subsequently, I was either unable to find it in local supermarkets, or simply found it overpriced ($4.90 for a cup noodle anyone?? OK, it’s Japan made). I remember the lid of the cup noodle spells ‘Afuri Ramen’, thought of getting it during one of my Japan holidays, but believe it or not, I couldn’t even find it in any supermarkets I patronise in Japan.

So what’s so special about it? It has an aromatic Yuzu flavour that makes it stand out from the rest. I am a big fan of Japanese Yuzu, hence that really entices me. I was delighted when I learned that Afuri Ramen is opening a new branch in Singapore, at Funan Mall to be exact. Though I didn’t patronise them until they open another outlet in VivoCity.

Yuzu goes well with Shio (salt), and I actually always attempt to purchase Yuzu salt whenever I visit Japan, trust me, it’s not easy to find. So naturally, I had wanted to try Afuri’s Yuzu Shio ramen, but since my dining partner opted that too, I settled for their Yuzu Shoyu ramen instead, as always, wanted to try their different broth.

Yuzu Shoyu Ramen, $15.90++

When the noodles were served, I caught a tint of Yuzu fragrance, immediately I knew this was the aroma I crave for!
As expected, my Shoyo ramen broth turns out a little more salty than the Shio broth that my dining partner had. I believe they are both chicken broth with dry fish, konbu seaweed, along with some vegetables such as dashi. My bowl of ramen had a thicker Shoyu than I would have likened, and came with one slice of charshu, seaweed, bamboo shoot, and half a runny egg, likewise for the Shio version. I have to confess there is practically nothing much to brag about the ingredients, they are decent, though I like their charshu still retains the chewiness upon serving.

Yuzu Shio Ramen, $15.90

Yuzu Shio Ramen are having practically the same ingredients as their Shoyu counterpart, with the exception of course, being the broth. And in my opinion, this is by far the better broth than Shoyu, because I like its lightness which thoroughly complement the Yuzu flavour. I had tried Yuzu ramen from a restaurant in Beppu (Oita prefecture), Kyushu, but the end result was massively pathetic. This despite Oita being famous for their Yuzu, second perhaps to Kochi. And Afuri Ramen actually originated from Kanagawa, certainly not a prefecture famous for their farming products. This elaborates how much Afuri Ramen had done their homework resulting in a golden proportion on the seasoning in order to come out this balance. And they need to use chicken broth instead of tonkotsu so that the stronger flavour of the latter does not overpower the presence of Yuzu. Overall, this is brilliant, worth the extra dollars over something similar but without the Yuzu aroma elsewhere.

Yuzu Ratan Ramen, $15.90++

Just when I thought I had tried one of the best ramen ever at Afuri Ramen, I need to relegate their Yuzu Shio Ramen. Don’t get me wrong, not that it ain’t good enough, but I have just found something superior!

Yuzu Ratan Ramen, or otherwise their Yuzu spicy ramen, is very much like a spicy version of their Yuzu Shio ramen, still retaining that mild saltiness of a Shio broth, as well as a light Yuzu flavour. It is said that the chicken broth is made using fresh chili, not chili powder, hence I do feel the spiciness, but not the choking feeling of spices. Overall, this is a very appetising and flavourful bowl of ramen, absolutely fulfilling!

Crispy Gyoza, $5.90++

At time of my visit, Afuri Ramen was having 50% off selected sides with every order of a ramen. I added this one, Crispy Gyoza.

I like the crispiness of their gyoza, I feel Japanese gyoza should be done this way. The good thing is, other than just mayonnaise, Afuri Ramen also provides chili along with it.


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