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Marks & Spencer Luxury Gold Teabags Strength No.2

Published November 27, 2018 by piggie

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Oh, it has been like ages since my last post, much as I still possess hugh passion in writing, I find myself strangled for time over my other interests and priorities. I guess I’ll just delve a few minutes for this which I feel a compulsion to pen.

I am a tea fanatic, more so over coffee, but fine tea have been far harder to come by, when I come across one, I would love to document it here, so that I can always reference back in future. First and foremost, this came as a gift, so other than I understand it can be purchased from Marks and Spencer, I ain’t aware of its price. The picture above is taken from a Czech Republic portal because I am too lazy to snap a picture of my own. So what made this stands out from many other more established tea makers that I absolutely have to write about it?

Marks and Spencer is a UK brand, we knew for centuries that the British are great appreciators of fine tea, but that they rarely produced tea of their own. It was printed on the packaging that M&S sourced their tea from various sources in compliance according to Fairtrade Standards. What this means is that the tea leaves are purchased at a Fairtrade Minimum Price (and added premiums) to uphold sustainability and improve trading and working conditions for farmers and other related workers in developing countries. Marks and Spencer further emphasise that they use the finest teas from the best tea gardens in the world, and “only the young top two leaves and a bud are hand picked for this blend when they are at the right stage of maturity, coupling with gentle handling and careful selection to ensure tea leaves aren’t bruised or damaged before the tea making process”.

Well, after such introduction, the bottom line still comes back to the taste isn’t it?

I received this tea close to its best before date, and only managed to finish them all 6 months later. Even up till the very last teabag, I am still impressed by its rich aroma with a full and smooth taste, so much so that I can still squeeze out a second cup from the teabags, albeit with lighter taste, but still go well as a light tea without tasting bland. In general, it has a much richer taste than conventional British Breakfast tea, it is rich in tea aroma, but not to such fragrance offer by an Earl Grey bergamot. On the packaging, it is listed to have a strength of medium flavour (level 2), presumably, they have something lighter, and probably a thicker one. This being that good, I can’t help wondering how the level 3 will taste like. So to speak, this is probably one of the best black tea I have ever tried. And it being available at Marks and Spencer means that it may cost a little premium, but overall it should be considered affordable for its excellent quality. It’s available for $8.90 at M&S.