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Published March 29, 2018 by piggie

Sharing a common restaurant space with Tajimaya (for charcoal grill), it can be somewhat confusing for a start. We were led to a table for Tajimaya before the waitress discovered we wanted hot pot, and re-led us to one for Shabuya instead. The hot pot tables are different, with ceramic hob embedded, so it’s not like just bringing the portable gas stove over for the hot pot.

I have not been to a steamboat restaurant for decade, and my mind set was still having the perception of associating steamboat with buffet style, which is one reason why I shunned steamboat outside, because I tend to over eat 😛 Shabuya offers set meals, where food are given in fixed quantity, and diners get to choose from 5 soup bases, namely Tonkatsu, Shoyu, Daishi, Chilli, Chicken. Meat wise, apart from having Kurobuta, Shabuya is also offering premium beef, notably Miyazaki beef, depending on your choice of set meal, or otherwise, it’s also available as à la carte. For those who are still having the outdated mindset that Kobe beef is always the best, let me reiterate, that Kobe ain’t really producing beef. What was known as Kobe beef was mainly Tajima (Hyogo) breed, it’s just that Kobe being Hyogo prefecture’s capital city, it somehow grabbed the limelight from the entire prefecture. Miyazaki beef, on the other hand, has won 3 consecutive champions in Japan’s National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu (Zenkoku Wagyu Noryoku Kyoshinkai) in 2007, 2012, and 2017 (held every 5 years). I am not saying Miyazaki beef is definitely better, I just feel that Kobe beef seems to me more like a standard, a protocol. Google, and you’ll probably understand what I’m trying to relate.

Chicken broth

I initially wanted Tonkatsu broth, but my dining partner wanted that, so I settled for a Chicken broth instead. Yup, one each.

We had the Shabuya set, which comprises Kurobuta Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Trio of Seafood Paste, Assorted Vegetables, House Salad (Garden Green with Cerry Tomato & Wafu Shoyu Goma Dressing), Salmon Sashimi, Chilled Silken Tofu with Roasted Sesame Shoyu Dressing, Tempura Moriwase, Chawanmushi. The Free Range chicken stated in their menu was absent, we were given a choice of steamed rice, ramen, or udon instead.

From left, Trio of Seafood Paste, Pork Collar, Kurobuta Pork Belly

Assorted Vegetables

House Salad

Tempura Moriwase

Chilled Silken Tofu with Roasted Sesame Shoyu Dressing

Salmon Sashimi



The waitress served almost everything at once, which really filled the entire table. The broth, though served lukewarm, didn’t take long to get boiled, and in goes all my favourite ingredients! The thinly sliced pork are truly tender and sweet. And for those who dread the ramen or udon may be too much for such a heavy meal, fret not, it only came in small portion. Overall, I find almost all of them delicious, save for the Chawanmushi, which I could still felt some stink taste much to my dislike.

At this point, I also ought to touch on their seasoning and condiments counter. They served fresh eggs, along with 4 types of sauces, Goma sauce, Sesame oil, Ponzu sauce, and Shoyu sauce. And the condiments include spring onion, daikon oroshi, sweet chilli, chilli padi, garlic, peanut, toronggarashi, chilli powder etc. You get to try each on their own, or mix your own favourite condiments.

And this is what I got myself. I simply love its overpowering peanut flavour and a tint of spiciness, and went well with everything!

All in all, I found our meals very satisfying apart from the Chawanmushi, and I’d love to bring the old folks here another day!

Shabuya しゃぶ屋
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-102/103, Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 63770070

Opening hours ~
Monday – Friday:
Lunch: 12:00 hr – 15:00 hr
Dinner: 18:00 hr – 22:00 hr

Saturday and Sunday & PH:
Lunch: 11:30 hr – 16:00 hr
Dinner: 18:00 hr – 22:00 hr

Inaniwa Yosuke 稲庭養助

Published March 2, 2018 by piggie

Japanese udon has been my favourite noodle ever since I re-discovered them (or rather they discovered me! LOL!) incidentally in Kagawa, the birth place of the most famous Sanuki udon. Prior to that, I tend to stay away from udon because the impression given me locally was terrible, even from some local Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Not until the arrival of Tamoya Udon here that I beginning to find authentic udon, prior to that, the colours, as well as the texture could be very contrasting to the real thing, let alone the taste.

Inaniwa Yosuke’s arrival excites me, because they are one of the 3 main udon in Japan (along with Sanuki and Mizusawa udon), and possibly with the most complicating manufacturing process, taking 4 days to make as all processes are manually done. I’ll leave the description simple here, those interested can google to learn more. But due to its tedious process, its udon don’t usually comes cheap (For Sanuki udon, it’s very affordable in Japan), as such, I have been waiting for promotion and finally my prayers are answered. They came out 2 set meals for $21.80++, choose any two of the 3 from their promotion menu comprising Unagi Kabayaki-Don Set, Ten-Don Set, and Curry Rice-Set. Among them, Unagi Kabayaki-Don Set ($21.80++) usually cost more than the other two, it looks more appealing anyway, so both me and my dining partner chose that. After that, we were asked to select from having it served hot or cold, we both wanted it cold. We went at a time when it happened we were the only customers, yet it took the chef quite long for the meals to be ready. Never mind, I ain’t hurrying him, the last thing I wanted was for the chef to expedite and skipping some procedures on the food. In truth, I appreciate his attention to details.

Unagi Kabayaki-Don Set, $21.80++

Conventional udon (usually means Sanuki because it’s more popular) comes in very thick form, still exceptionally chewy and smooth nonetheless. But Inaniwa udon is extremely thin, and because of that, when dipping into the sauce, is able to retain more sweetness of the sauce, and taste extraordinary wonderful! Its texture seems more smooth and slippery than Sanuki udon too, undoubtedly the best udon I ever tried! No wonder it has won so many accolades in Japan. The accompanied condiments include scallion, wasabi, dip them all into the sauce, and I absolutely love the kick it infused into the noodle! As for the Unagi Kabayaki-Don, not bad, not excessively sweet, and I quite enjoyed the texture, however, it pales in comparison to their udon, which is truly excellent.

Inaniwa Yosuke 稲庭養助
Japan Food Town
435 Orchard Road #04-45
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
Singapore 238877
Tel: +65 62623279


Opening Hours:…
Seriously, this is a little confusing here, their name card printed Mon-Sun, 11:00 hr to 22:00 hr, but their Facebook lisitng 11:30 hr to 22:00 hr with break between 15:00 hr to 17:30 hr. Please call to verify if necessary.