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Brunches Cafe

Published September 12, 2016 by piggie


I rarely post a restaurant decor, but I really have to make an exception this time. For, I feel this is a restaurant that deserves a special mentioning. And I believe if you bring along the old folks, they will have a wonderful time here. Those magazines on the shelf are very old magazines, probably older than many reading this post, and maybe published while your parents were still dating.

Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries and Buttery Crumbles Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream, $10.50++

We only have one order, that is, Mixed Berries and Buttery Crumbles with Vanilla Ice Cream. While the dessert looks presentable, the taste is good too. Personally, I love the crunchy crumbles, which really brings up the ice cream taste up a notch. But if you still have not yet notice, take another look at the plate. Vintage huh?

Yup, right, that’s exactly what the cafe is trying to sell, that vintage feeling. Which is why I deliberately post its decor here. Still not impressed? You’re probably right, I ain’t too, not until you see the pictures below.


This is a vintage Mini Cooper. Don’t get it wrong, the car is INSIDE the restaurant! And it’s not here to woo babes, it has now become a table, a seat! We were offered this seat upon entering the restaurant, but I don’t really like the limelight. Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, the seats are somewhat compact, both me and my dining companion have long legs, though technically we can still push it back, it used to be a real car, but it’s heavy.

The Mini Cooper seat

The Mini Cooper seat


This is the seat we eventually chose, converted from oil barrels. Truth be told, it’s a bit low for diners, avoid it if you are having proper meals here. OK, these two seats are the most eye-catching in the restaurant. That’s not all, here’s another one.



This restaurant isn’t all about vintage decor and fancy seatings. They have plenty of nostalgic items such as magazines, toys, stationery, and many other collectibles. Most of them are actually for sale! Coming here is very much like taking a walk down memory lane, especially for the older generations. In fact, we were so impressed that we couldn’t help taking pictures all over, disregarding any probing glances from other diners in the cafe.

As for food wise, they do serve main courses, all day breakfast etc. It’s worth a visit, even just for that vintage ambience alone.

2nd Visit

Didn’t quite expect, that my subsequent visit would take a long 2 years later. And because it happened to be Halloween, their decor has some seasonal spooky makeover.

Eggs Royale, $17.90++

Brunches Cafe’s Eggs Royale, consists of poached eggs with smoked salmon and rocket, covered with house made Hollandaise sauce. The look is rather appealing, reminding me of Gudetama. While I feel their salmon can do with a little more seasoning, I do find their salad adequately appetising.

Plain Waffle with Butter, Maple Syrup, with choice of Ice Cream (Grande), $9.90++

While the waffle may looks plain, it is at least crisp, the plus point has to be the pistachio ice cream. They have 2 size for Plain Waffle, the single size available for $7.90++

3rd Visit

Though there was a 2 year span between my first two visit, my 3rd came a lot sooner. This time, merely 2 months later, and coinciding with Christmas.

8″ Heavenly Bake Thin-crust Gourmet Pizza (Hawaiian), $16.50++

My dining partner didn’t feel too hungry, so we decided to order something that we can easily share. Now, the word ‘Heavenly’ is overwhelmingly misleading here, not only the look and taste are far from heavenly, it’s outright terrible. I seldom use such extreme words, but to begin with, the crust is too hard. Secondly, the description put the ingredients as tomato sauce, cheese, button mushroom, bell peppers, onion, topped with aragula (sic) and BBQ sauce, and the topping to be chosen from Portobello, Hawaiian, Roasted Chicken, Shrimp & Squid, Smoked Salmon & Feta. Honestly, we only saw cheese, pineapples, and chicken ham. Not only that, the taste just doesn’t blend, it’s rather bland as if the respective ingredients cannot work with one another. By far, this is the worst pizza I ever had, even $1 plain cheese pizza from New York tasted so much better. It’s a waste of ingredients really. Epic failure, period.

Molten Lava Cake with choice of Ice Cream, $11.50++

Good thing their Molten Lava Cake and Ice Cream made up our Christmas mood to some extent. The molten chocolate is quite generous, and as usual, our chosen Pistachio ice cream is remarkable. If there’s anything negative, then I have to say the strawberry is not as fresh. But you’ll have to pardon me for my stringent gauge on strawberries, for I have just returned from Japan, and the strawberries I tasted there easily outshine any you can find on our shore.

Brunches Cafe
96 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218381
Tel: 86858488

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 10:30hr – 21:00hr,
Weedends 09:30hr – 21:00hr