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Marutama Ramen

Published July 25, 2016 by piggie
Marutama Ramen, $13++

Marutama Ramen, $13++

I have long heard rave reviews about Marutama Ramen, but was on second mind to try because they are using chicken broth, not the usual tonkotsu that I favour. Anyway, one fine afternoon, I found an opportunity to visit.

I ordered their most conventional ramen, served with negi (spring onions), Aosa seaweed, 1 large slice of pork char shu, along with Hakata-type thin Hosomen noodle. And they claimed they don’t use MSG nor preservatives.

As can see from the picture above, chicken broth comes in lighter texture, it’s creamy, mildly sweet, but lack the strong characteristics of typical tonkotsu broth. I have to say Marutama’s chicken broth is a small delight, and with Hosomen, there’s little to worry about noodles getting soggy if you are a slow eater. Their Aosa seaweed ain’t the usual dried type, it’s more chewy and tasty in my opinion. The char shu doesn’t fail to please either. And if you add the fried garlic slices from the condiment bottle, it will bring the taste of the broth up a notch!

Overall, I find it above my expectation. But is it good enough to warrant a return? I would say, let’s try out other ramen in their menu.