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Osulloc Jeju Orchid Green Tea

Published July 1, 2015 by piggie

Osulloc_DSC01141A nice friend of mine went Korea last year and bought me a pack of Osulloc Jeju Orchid Green Tea. I am finishing it as I’m writing this, and I love it so much I thought I might as well document this somewhere before I totally forget about it, just so if I go to Korea in future, I can reference back rather than depending on my frail memory.

Osulloc_DSC01125I have to confess I didn’t know much about Korean tea prior to this, and my favourite tea has always being Osmanthus Green Tea. While it’s getting difficult to get Osmanthus Green Tea in Singapore, let alone its exorbitant price, it’s even rare to see Orchid Tea. Osulloc Jeju Orchid Green Tea here exude a different kind of fragrance, Orchid of course. While Orchid in general doesn’t have that strong effervescence in contrast to Osmanthus, Osulloc Jeju Orchid Green Tea here have a strong aroma. They claimed to use extracts of Jeju Island’s rare Cymbidium Orchid, which only bloom for 10 days a year. And the tea bags actually came in pyramid form, which provides better diffusion.