Nantsuttei 南蠻亭

Published May 24, 2015 by piggie

(Classic) Ramen, S$12++

I have long heard of Nantsuttei since their Parco Millenia Walk days, and regret didn’t have the opportunity to try before they moved out. And I was actually pleased they decided to re-locate to Orchard Central then.

First, a little bit of history.

Nantsuttei is the brainchild of Chef Ichiro FURUYA(古谷一郎), who first decided becoming a chef at the age of 27. He started his first restaurant in his home town Hadano (秦野) in Kanagawa but business was sluggish until he ‘invented’ an award-winning broth with roasted black garlic oil. His award-winning recipe has won many accolades since then. And if I understand correctly, Singapore was his first venture oversea, so at that time when they first landed in Singapore, I read about his story and was rather impressed.

I finally had the chance to visit his outlet in Orchard Central with a friend in mid April this year, and had no hesitation to order their classic Ramen just to have a feel of their original winning recipe.

As seen in the picture above, my ramen came with a generous portion of bean sprout, two small but tick slice of charshu, a tiny piece of seaweed, plenty of leeks, and of course, their signature roasted black sesame infused dark broth. The noodle was round and thick, was springy at first, but got easily soggy as I ate on.

I kind of like black sesame fragrance, and I must confess the aroma appeased me when the noodle was served, however, the surprise factor faded relatively fast before half the time I took in finishing the noodle. As I was finishing, I had a relief feeling of “Yeah, I finally finished. I don’t want to waste food”.

I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, my dining partner felt the same too. Maybe it was just us, but there are reviews out there which I only found out upon writing this post, that they aren’t as good as before. We aren’t likely to return anyway. Having said that, I’m still willing to try out their Hachifukumaru(八福丸)franchise.

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #07-12/13
Singapore 238896
Tel: 63377166
Opening Hours: 11:00hr – 22:30 hr


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