Fried Carrot Cake

Published May 24, 2015 by piggie

ClementiCentral_01-45_DSC01114rI have no intention to confuse, but this particular stall I visited in Clementi Central, or rather Clementi Avenue 3 to be precise, they bear no name, merely “炒菜頭粿 Fried Carrot Cake”. If I remember correctly, there are two stalls selling fried carrot cake there, but if you head for unit number #01-45, you can get no wrong.

It was a recommendation from a friend, and I probably won’t have the chance to try it had I managed to catch an earlier movie at a nearby cinema. And I would probably shun the queue if I came alone. Eventually, I left the hawker center as a very satisfied customer.

While there is no qualm about the quality, what makes their carrot cake special (I’m talking about the dark carrot cake here) is that, the carrot cakes are shredded to fine portion before frying with sweet dark sauce and very generous proportion of egg. This makes every single bite exceptionally rich and sweet! I’m struggling for better words to describe them, but let’s just say they are the best in dark carrot cakes I had ever tried! Although at $3, it may sounds a little pricey (I learned that it was $2.50 a few months back, and what a big jump!), but seems like Clementi Avenue 3 food centre just had an overall significant price hike not too long ago.

Those who keen to try, be there early, preferably before lunch hour, and be prepared to queue.

炒菜頭粿 Fried Carrot Cake
Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre
Block 448 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-45
Singapore 120448


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