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Boulangerie Asanoya

Published December 29, 2014 by piggie

Asanoya_DSC00328I wonder how many heard of Boulangerie Asanoya before they launched their first oversea franchise here? I did. And it was back in 2010 when I researched on Karuizawa, Japan. But I did not patronise them while I was there, putting off by their exorbitant pricing amidst an exponentially inflated Japanese Yen exchange rate of ¥100:S$1.50, 2 breads almost equivalent to a bowl of filling ramen.

But my friend has a knack for confectionery, so I decided to bring her here, in part also to make up for that little regret skipping over it during my previous Karuizawa trip.

As expected, the price here ain’t cheap either. We bought 4 breads, and chose to eat on site, they do have tables for patrons along with supplied cutlery and plain water, and they serve salad and meals beside the confectionery too. It was not too crowded over a Sunday afternoon, we didn’t have much problem getting empty seats.


Peanut Butter Danish with Mixed Nuts ($3.60) & Maple Walnut Pretzel ($3.20), prices included GST

First, the Maple Walnut Pretzel. I am not a fan of pretzel and I was a little bewildered when my friend chose this (She probably did her homework, I didn’t :P). However, I must confess my prejudice was overruled once I took a bite. Missing was the usual stiffness of a typical New York pretzel which I hate to the core, it’s more like a crunchy bread with walnut fragment, and baked with maple cream applied. Though I won’t call it fantastic, but it’s probably the best pretzel I ever tried.

I love their mixed nuts Danish. I’m nut over nuts, and the addition of peanut butter simply made this Danish an absolute joy to try, it certainly didn’t fail to please!

Yuzu Cheesecake ($4.50)

Yuzu Cheesecake ($4.50)

I’m a cheesecake lover, but afraid I couldn’t say so for this Yuzu Cheesecake (or cheese cube whatever). This is the most expensive among my order, and also the most disappointing. I didn’t realise they applied sourcream in it, somehow, I felt the sourness had overpowered the rich cheese taste for a cheesecake. It’s probably more sour than any lemon cheesecake I ever tried (including those I tried in New York City), definitely too sour for a Yuzu in my opinion, I was going after a refreshing taste, and I didn’t expect one more sour than a lemon. Or was it just my personal preference?

Cranberry Cheese Campagne ($3.20)

Cranberry Cheese Campagne ($3.20)

I like the blend of cheese and cranberries in this bread. Though in the shadow of the mixed nut danish and pretzel, I found this a little bland in comparison.

I’d say, Asanoya charges a premium price, but my overall experience was quite enjoyable, and I look forward to trying their other confectionery!