Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee 德明叉燒雲吞面

Published November 28, 2014 by piggie

WP_000032-DunmanI was passing by Dunman Road one weekend afternoon and decided to stopover at Dunman Food Centre to try out Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee, an outlet that is somewhat out of my way in normal circumstances.

There was hardly any visible queue, yet I had to wait something like 15 minutes, but the quality of the food at least justified the wait, but not for any longer in my opinion.

There are two attributes worth mentioning, one is their chili, the other being the wanton. Anything else are just mediocre. But well, many others couldn’t even better that! Their chili is the hottest I ever tasted from a wanton noodle, spicy, with mild sweetness. For me, it’s great. But for those who dislike chili, it may not worth the wait. I absolutely have to mention their wanton, not truly fantastic, but it’s tastefully marinated, with adequate amount of saltiness, very flavourful! I would strongly recommend this only if you love both of these attributes, otherwise it’s not worth a dedicated trip here if you are not passing by this tiny food centre.

Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee 德明叉燒雲吞面
Dunman Food Centre
271Onan Road #02-19
Opening hours: 12pm – 8.30pm (daily except Thu)


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