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Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee 德明叉燒雲吞面

Published November 28, 2014 by piggie

WP_000032-DunmanI was passing by Dunman Road one weekend afternoon and decided to stopover at Dunman Food Centre to try out Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee, an outlet that is somewhat out of my way in normal circumstances.

There was hardly any visible queue, yet I had to wait something like 15 minutes, but the quality of the food at least justified the wait, but not for any longer in my opinion.

There are two attributes worth mentioning, one is their chili, the other being the wanton. Anything else are just mediocre. But well, many others couldn’t even better that! Their chili is the hottest I ever tasted from a wanton noodle, spicy, with mild sweetness. For me, it’s great. But for those who dislike chili, it may not worth the wait. I absolutely have to mention their wanton, not truly fantastic, but it’s tastefully marinated, with adequate amount of saltiness, very flavourful! I would strongly recommend this only if you love both of these attributes, otherwise it’s not worth a dedicated trip here if you are not passing by this tiny food centre.

Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee 德明叉燒雲吞面
Dunman Food Centre
271Onan Road #02-19
Opening hours: 12pm – 8.30pm (daily except Thu)


Published November 24, 2014 by piggie






而黑丸的招牌大黑丸甜品(就是优惠的赠品啦)的噱头并不仅限于此,另外还有冷、热四种吃法(真是4种,没写错)!分别是烧式吃法(Hot stuff),热式吃法(Warm the soul),冷式吃法(Chill factor),以及冰沙吃法(Frozen flourish)。我只试过热式及冰沙吃法,前者只是加热,即便外带,一小时内还是余温尚存。冰沙吃法顾名思义,加入台湾著名的冰沙,融合了嫩仙草、芋圆等,口感极佳!冷式无须繁叙,烧式应该是液状的烧仙草(这…大概不能再用嫩来形容了吧??)。





Okinawan Restaurant Nirai-Kanai

Published November 10, 2014 by piggie

DSC00018-rI had walked by Okinawan Restaurant Nirai-Kanai many times over the years but never had the opportunity to try their cuisine, however it’s the only Okinawan restaurant I knew in Singapore until I won a $100 dining voucher from Be.Okinawa’s September contest. I was able to select from a small range of Okinawan restaurants in Singapore, but it didn’t take me long to decide on Nirai-Kanai amidst a sea of other restaurants under the En Group franchise.

I simply love Nirai-Kanai’s down to earth decor, as their massive use of seasoned planks genuinely depict Okinawa’s laid back ambience. People coming over any Okinawa restaurant expecting conventional Japanese cuisine may be left disappointed, because Okinawa is very different from mainland Japan. It has a rich influx of Chinese and American fusion in its cuisine, and one doesn’t usually expect to find sushi, sashimi, kaiseki ryori in a Okinawan restaurant. A good Okinawan restaurant usually pride themselves for ingredients such as pork, bitter gourd, and yaki soba (fried soba), and so my visit today basically targets cuisines with these ingredients.

For some domestic reason, I was bringing the old folks here for a very late lunch, and we were informed to have our last order as soon as we were placing our order. Can’t blame the crews though, even if they refused us entrance at the late hour of 3pm, I would have to respect their decision. We ordered a set meal each, as well as other main and side dishes, just to make up to the voucher value.

Okinawan Soup Noodle Set Meal, $15.30++

Okinawan Soup Noodle Set Meal, $15.30++

I had an Okinawan Soup Noodle Set Meal, which came with a bowl of Okinawan seasoned rice, a vinegared vega dish, Fried meat miso, and a Peanut Bean Curd. My noodle was thick and flatten type, the broth was rich and sweet, though not as complex as conventional Japanese ramen. There was one piece of tender pork belly and another piece of pork, along with radish slices and spring onions. The noodle was quite firm, and I felt this is the perfect set meal to appreciate Okinawan ramen and pork belly in one bowl. I was tempted to try their Okinawan seasoned rice, but eventually I found that its seasoned taste was not meant for my taste bud, it tasted like yam rice but minus the fragrance. The old folks weren’t impressed too. Good grief, I almost ordered Okinawan seasoned rice ball separately, lucky I didn’t. The fried meat miso was a delight, lesser of the conventional saltiness, but quite flavourful. I have to say I was most impressed by the Peanut Bean Curd, though I didn’t sense the presence of peanut, this bean curd was fantastic. It’s soft, and I would have mistaken it for tau hwey if not for its blend taste! For $15.30++, their set meals are actually quite worth it.

Bitter Gourd with Pork, Tofu & Egg Set Meal, $15.30++

Bitter Gourd with Pork, Tofu & Egg Set Meal, $15.30++

Mum had the rice set with bitter gourd. Okinawa’s bitter gourd is special, it’s not as bitter as what we normally have in this region, and it’s slightly more crunchy. Stir-fried with pork and tofu, this might seem a bit lite for a set meal, but we have common consensus, that we would share the dishes and also order a few main as well as side dishes. Apart from a bowl of plain rice, a Vinegared Vege dish, Fried Meat Miso, Peanut Bean Curd, there was also a bowl of Aosa-seaweed soup.

Fried Chicken soaked in Negi Sauce Set Meal, $15.30++

Fried Chicken soaked in Negi Sauce Set Meal, $15.30++

Dad had a Fried Chicken soaked in Negi Sauce Set Meal, which was very similar to the bitter gourd set meal except the main course. It’s nice, but somehow I felt it lacked Okinawan characteristics.

Okinawan Thin Pancake with Worcester Sauce, $8.80++

Okinawan Thin Pancake with Worcester Sauce, $8.80++

And now, the (main) sides…

This pancake was actually the first dish served, it’s thin, and came with ingredients such as bonito flakes, radish, seaweed, and veggie. Overall, it was very appetising, but because I couldn’t finish all the food before the restaurant closing, I had to wrap it up for takeaway. It still tastes great the next day!

Simmered Pork-Belly (Reg), $13.80

Simmered Pork-Belly (Reg), $13.80++

I initially pondered between ordering a regular size (4 pcs) of their Simmered Pork-Belly or their smaller size (2 pcs), but eventually settled for regular because I thought everyone could have minimum a piece each. Served with veggies, these pork bellies were chewy, not as fat as I had imagined. This is one of the most recommended dishes in Nirai-Kanai, but for $13.80++, looks a little pricey.

Fried Noodle (Salt-sauce), $13.60++

Fried Noodle (Salt-sauce), $13.60++

I have read about Okinawa’s Yaki Soba and knew it’s one of the popular dish in the former Ryukyu kingdom. So, on a rare visit to an Okinawan restaurant, I couldn’t give this cuisine a miss. Using the same thick, flat noodle, it was fried with pork and veggie, along with a moist egg. I won’t say the taste is as rich as okonomi-yaki, but overall, it offers a moderate taste and not excessively oily.

Okinawan Brown Sugar Crepe-Roll, $8.80++

Okinawan Brown Sugar Crepe-Roll, $8.80++

This dessert was served quite late that I almost thought they forgot about it totally. I was about to cancel the order as I was almost full before it was served. Good thing I didn’t, I actually quite enjoyed it! The brown sugar crepe roll was spongy, but the best part was definitely the cream! It’s sweet, but not too overwhelming, and even though I was pretty filled, I thought I could still finish a few more of these yet won’t get sick of it!

We left the restaurant fully satisfied, although a bit embarrassed that we overshot their closing hour yet the staffs still wore a positive attitude. This restaurant has been in Liang Court for many years and they rarely do publicity, while its location is in a terrible corner, I won’t have notice it if not for my toilet break at Liang Court’s basement. But I understand over weekend meal period, the queue can be rather frustrating. I suppose that tells the quality! And by now, it’s no secret that Liang Court houses a great varieties of genuine Japanese cuisines one can think of!

On my 2nd visit in Feb 2015 (Yup, I got another voucher from Be.Okinawa), I carefully avoid ordering filling food, but nevertheless, it’s still 3 set meals plus some light side dishes.

Broiled Salmon wrapped in foil set, $15.30++

Broiled Salmon wrapped in foil set meal, $15.30++

Since this is my 2nd visit, I have my work cut out for me here, I’ll skip the set but solely focus on the broiled salmon. I still feel salmon tastes best grilled or raw, having it broiled seems a bit wastes in its texture, but the enclosed miso paste and lime are much welcome in bringing up its taste a little.

Deep fried Aosa-seaweed Fritter with Salt & Sauce, $7.20++

Deep fried Aosa-seaweed Fritter with Salt & Sauce, $7.20++

These are like seaweed pancake, deep fried, and offered a very crispy texture. Though I find nothing special about these, but perhaps it’s meant for tempura lovers.

Deep-fried Fusilier with Ponzu, $16++

Deep-fried Fusilier with Ponzu, $16++

Another order meant for tempura lovers, this Deep-fried Fusilier was rather soft in texture and rather blend if not for the lime and sauce provided, but apparently the chef spent some effort in presentation.

We also ordered two other set meals and two more sides similar to our previous visit, I shall not elaborate further on those.

Okinawan Restaurant Nirai-Kanai
177 River Valley Road #B1-01/02
Liang court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 63394811
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 23:00

Nirai-Kanai has moved to Great World City