Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak

Published November 9, 2013 by piggie
Otah Set Meal, $3.50

Otak Meal, $3.50

Long proclaimed as one of Singapore’s best Nasi Lemak, Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak needs no further introduction. I was always too lazy to stopover Adam Road Food Centre, and never have the opportunity to try it until today. This been my first visit to the food centre, naturally, I wanted to try its most famous stall there.

When I arrived for a quick late lunch, there was only one customer in queue, or so it seemed. Only after he was cleared, that I noticed over ten packets were in preparation, but the kind hawker was considerate enough to serve me first since I was only ordering one plate.

The cheapest meal in their menu cost $2.50, with ikan bilis, cucumber slices, egg, and chili. I don’t like chicken wing, so I ordered a meal that came with otak instead, which cost me $3.50, a little expensive in my opinion.

When I first seen the Basmati rice on my plate, I felt let down by its dry appearance and began questioning my judgement having lunch there. But after first taste, my initial impression was overturned immediately. No, it wasn’t dry as its appearance suggested, in fact, its texture offered a diversed dimension from our conventional Nasi Lemak. On a side note, I wasn’t sure whether it was down to the rice grain they used, I can cook better Basmati rice in my virgin attempt, more fluffy & chewy. But of course, I was using a small rice pot, which is easier managable. Their ikan bilis were crisp, nothing special about the egg, but the otak was grilled to the exact desirable texture, retaining a smooth bite throughout, as can be seen from the picture, not a bit over-grilled! Last but not least, the sambal chili, hot to the correct extent with adequate sweetness, was simply flawless!

I am not particularly a lover for Nasi Lemak, but I confess Selera Rasa is a few notches above the rest. It’s definitely worth a try but I don’t think worth the long queue during peak hours. However, Brunei Sultan may disagree with this, but I suspect His Highness got some subordinate to queue for it anyway 😛

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak
Adam Road Food Centre, Stall 2
2 Adam Road
Singapore 289876
Tel: 98434509 / 96225464
Opening Hours:
Sat – Thu 7am – 6pm, closed on Fri
Delivery available, minimum order required

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