Violet Oon’s Kitchen

Published September 29, 2013 by piggie
Violet Oon's on a normal Saturday noon...

Violet Oon’s on a normal Saturday noon…

I had wanna bring mum here for sometime, somehow, she was always not at home over weekend. Today, consider it lucky she is, and since it was a last minute decision, I didn’t book in advance. Good thing Violet Oon’s Kitchen was not crowded. In fact, we were the first diners at 11.45am, it wasn’t until some 10 minutes later when the second group appeared, and I suspect they are foreigners staying nearby.

The decor was a delight to me, a tint of nostalgic setting with two notable large mirror diagonally placed, projecting a false ambience of expanded space.

I have some brunch vouchers complimentary of Singapore Women’s Weekly, and did some homework before coming. The review so far has been rather diversed, but I carefully selected a few dishes I personally favour (at least from the pictures), nevermind mum, it could easily take quarters of an hour for me to explain to her each entry on the brunch menu.

Vietnamese Pulled Pork Burrito, $18++

Vietnamese Pulled Pork Burrito ($18++)

The Vietnamese Pulled Pork Burrito was served rather promptly after I placed the order, probably because there were no other patrons at that moment. Far from impressive from its look, but it tasted quite appetising for an otherwise plain tasting pulled pork. Personally, I prefer Burrito with tender chicken, but Violet Oon did pretty well in spicing up the slow cooked Vietnamese sweet pulled pork wrapped in tortilla with ingredients including salsa, tomatoes, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. I was a little puzzled why the avocado was served in a tiny appetiser bowl instead of wrapping it together with the burrito, I thought for the benefit of appearance, the vegetable salad did fairly well, but the colour of avocado really didn’t add a good touché, looked a little bit overdone in my opinion.

Otak Panani ($15++)

Otak Panani ($15++)

I like Otak and bread, and this Otak Panani gave me a little surprise! Hang on a second, what is Panani? I guess it’s a mis-spelt of Panini, a general term for pressed and toasted sandwich in English speaking countries, although the word was derived from the Italian word Panino.

Violet Oon’s Otak Panani was my cup of tea, not for my mum though, I guess it was the use of melted cheese which irked her. She doesn’t like cheese. I found the toast was rather crisp, and absorb the taste of melted Monterey Jack cheese and otak well, so much so it was already smelled nice on its own! As for the spiciness of the otak, I found it quite mild, but I suppose that part can be quite subjective here.

Asian Big Breakfast ($20++)

Asian Big Breakfast ($20++)

I found that this Asian Big Breakfast is a very good miniature collection of Violet Oon’s Peranakan culinary prowess. From the Otak, fried chicken wings, sambal egg Indonesia, nasi kunning (yellow rice), and cucumber with ikan billis salad (I think should be ikan bilis), even the chili tasted nice except the nasi kunning (agh.. it’s been painful needing to correct their spelling here! It should be kuning). Let’s start with the rice, which I found to be rather hard and dry. The fragrance was there, but the rice simply lacked moist. I wasn’t sure whether it was down to the rice grain, or was it because Violet Oon tried to minimise oil on the rice for a healtier recipe, I certainly did not enjoy it. As for the rest, well, otak tasted the same (as my previous order), the chicken wing appeared dry, but turned out it didn’t taste as badly done as it appeared to be. The cucumber with ikan billis salad was a welcome spice to the otherwise dried nasi kunning, but the most credible among here had definitely got to be the sambal egg, or rather the sambal itself! I don’t know how I can describe the taste here, something rather exceptional.

I don’t want to see Violet Oon’s Kitchen as a Peranakan restaurant, to me, it’s more of a fusion. Overall, the taste of the food I ordered was quite pleasant. But I have to confess, the price will be difficult to convince me for a return visit. If I have to list one thing that truly impressed me, their service was highly commendable.

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