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Published July 25, 2013 by piggie

It was a long time since I last visited Fish & Co, and this seems like a refresher course for me. Admittedly, I quite forgotten how I found it few years back 😛 And since I have a few vouchers to spare, I decided to bring my parents for a little food adventure!

Grilled Salmon Cajun Fingerlings ($10.95++)

Grilled Salmon Cajun Fingerlings ($10.95++)

The old folks always seem to have synchronisation issue, somehow, dad already had his lunch before we came here for lunch, so he settled for the fingerlings portion of Grilled Salmon Cajun. Dad was offered one side, he chosen Chips, which would have otherwise cost $2.95. According to the menu, sashimi-grade salmon was grilled with unique blend of Cajun spice and topped with lemon butter sauce. The fries tasted quite normal though, nothing sensational. It lacked the crispiness of McDonald’s fries, but good thing it wasn’t too salty. I didn’t try the salmon, can’t comment on that.

Seafood for 1 Platter ($20.95++)

Seafood for 1 Platter ($20.95++)

I love seafood! I thought it’s time to pamper myself a little by indulging in a platter, which apparently, was dominated by the prawns. Grilled prawns, white fish, and grilled calamari was served with paella rice and chips in this platter. There’s nothing much to talk about the fries really, and the white fish was actually lightly grilled cod fish. While the taste of the fish was nothing exceptional, I appreciate they kept it light for a healthy flavour, though not so for the calamari, which really had to be well grilled to bring out the taste. The prawns were fresh, butter-grilled, and obviously the star of the dish. Not to forget the paella rice, which was cooked with raisins, offered a sweet taste and served as a good compliment to the seafood. For this order, I was not asked for any side, it came as offered. And as can be seen, the quantity of the grilled items was abundance enough to cover the paella rice with a great help from the chips, imagine how filling can it be! And indeed, after finishing the paella rice, it’s like taken two meals for me. The portion was so generous that for once, I almost thought I was back in Europe or States.

Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Scallops ($18.95)

Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Scallops ($18.95++)

Mum ordered the Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Scallops, she had the paella rice and homemade coleslaw as sides (otherwise $2.95 each), but I guess she probably regret having the rice, because she found the rice too oily, with the oil dripped from the Peri-Peri Chicken apparently. While there was nothing worth mentioning about the coleslaw, the chicken was tastefully done, the thick gravy indeed spiced it up, and if you asked for some garlic chili which they kept inside a closet, you’d probably find the taste up another level like we did. The scallops were tastefully coated with cheese, much to my delight, that really compliment the chicken well. This would be a dish I’d love to try on my subsequent visit, but I won’t take the paella 😛


On 26 Jan 2014, I re-visited Fish & Co, this time their Vivocity outlet, and again, with my parents. I read that not all Fish & Co are equal, especially their Ang Mo Kio outlet, notorious for their service standard, but at least for Vivocity, they are earning rave reviews.

Sneak Preview, $16.95

Sneak Preview ($16.95++)

The old folks were rather flicker-minded over their selection, but eventually decided to try different order from the menu from what we had at their 313@Somerset branch. Mum ordered this, but when this platter was served, for a moment, we thought they had served us a wrong order. It was quite a large serving for $16.95, certainly in contrary to its name Sneak Preview, which I expected to be of finger portion. As it turned out, it was big enough for two person. This order comprises nachos, fried calamari, fish nuggets, and prawn fritters. While there was nothing worth mentioning about the nachos, we absolutely love the calamari, which didn’t give us the usual rubber-liked texture we’d tried elsewhere. For the prawn, they had crusted it with just the right amount of coating, retaining the freshness of the prawns as the main draw without over emphasising on the flour. Overall, this will be a good order for sharing!

Soft Shell Crab Salad ($11.95++)

Soft Shell Crab Salad ($11.95++)

Dad ordered this Soft Shell Crab Salad, which looked petite, but he doesn’t eat much usually. In any case, we shared all our orders, and good thing this one ain’t that filling, or else we would have struggled with the Sneak Preview. The green’s definitely the mainstay of this order, but I was surprise salad sauce was not given separately. Their soft shell crab is nice, but I would not want to brag excessively beyond that.

The Best Fish & Chips in Town! ($15.95++)

The Best Fish & Chips in Town! ($15.95++)

Fish & Co must be very proud of this order from how they named it huh (or was it their gimmick??)? I like Fish & Chips, and Fish & Co has quite a number of different styles over how it’s made, from New York, to London, to our sunny Singapore, wonder what they would come out next? The cod fish fillet was tender and juicy, but I guess the magic must be on the sauce, or rather the cheese spread over the fillet. Overall, it was tasty, but I certainly won’t claim it to be the best I ever tried. Fries were well fried, though anytime I’d still prefer those from McDonald’s.

All in all, we were very pleased with Fish & Co’s service at Vivocity. The quality of the food was good, and the serving time reasonable, despite almost a full house on a Sunday evening.

I’ll be visiting again, though not sure which outlet 😛

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