Kenny Rogers Roasters

Published July 14, 2013 by piggie

Call this my tribute to Kenny Rogers Roasters, after many years of patronising them, the feeling they give me is still as great as the first time I stepped into their restaurant, I still remember they were playing some of Kenny Rogers’ favourite songs then, though I admit I wasn’t really one of his fans but the music was quite soothing nevertheless.

On a quiet Thursday noon, I walked into Kenny Rogers Roasters at 313@Somerset, intending to order their trademark ¼ Roast Chicken but changed my mind upon seeing they also have this promotion on Chicken Pot Pie. Since I had tasted their Roast Chicken several times before, I thought why not gave their Pot Pie a try?

Chicken Pot Pie ($15.90++)

Chicken Pot Pie ($15.90++)

Their weekday promotion (available for ¼ Roast Chicken too) was that a free drink is bundled together with the Pot Pie and two side orders, which I chosen Mashed Potato & Gravy and Macaroni & Cheese. However, when the Pot Pie was served, I had a tint of regret… probably should have stuck with ¼ Roast Chicken instead. Make no mistake, not that it tasted terrible, just that the portion of the pot pie far exceeded my expectation. With this bread-based pot pie and the size of it, I could probably skipped dinner altogether! Which was relatively proven true afterward. Yeah, I could have left the bread untouched, but I wasn’t one who waste food.

The pot pie contained chicken, carrots, and potatoes amidst pepper gravy, it was warm when served, though I can’t say remained so throughout. Afterall, it took me about 45 minutes to finish it 😛 But one aspect I was quite impressed was that the bread was surprisingly crisp when it was served, and I ain’t referring to its crust! Overall, it really tasted great.

As always, Kenny Rogers butter corn muffin was sensational, the smell of the sweet corn was tastefully melted into the butter muffin, and I have never tasted better elsewhere. They claimed their muffins were homemade, but I don’t buy that 😛 Self-made perhaps, but seriously, how do they define ‘home’?

Of the two side orders, Mashed Potato was my all time favourite (particularly at KFC, and especially Popeye’s), but I found their version rather hard or compact, I would have preferred a little softer and with more gravy. As for the macaroni, it’s truly meant for cheese lover, fortunately I’m one! The thick and creamy cheese thoroughly turned on the macaroni, and offered a diversed taste from the chicken pot pie gravy, simply enjoyable!

For the drink, I was allowed to choose any soft drink or ice tea, which I selected the later. It just wasn’t the usual Seasons Ice Lemon tea, I love the rich tea taste with a slice of lemon to freshen it.

All in all, this was one set meal which I couldn’t find a single compromisation on any single component. I won’t called it exceptional, but so far, Kenny Rogers NEVER fail to appease me with their quality.

Quarter Chicken Set ($15.90)

¼ Roast Chicken Set ($15.90++)

Perhaps I said it a little too haste. On my subsequent visit to their 313@Somerset outlet in as many weeks, I had the opportunity to try out their ¼ Roast Chicken set, which also came with two sides but not the drink (the free drink offer is valid only over weekday afternoon). I selected Mashed Potato & Gravy again, plus Garden Pasta Salad. My friend had Sweet Corn and Macaroni & Cheese. Somehow, we felt the muffin was not as good as before, and so was the roast chicken. It seem the chicken could do with more pepper but most significantly, we both felt the chicken shrunk in side in contrast to our previous respective visit (from other branches). Or maybe the ¼ portion with wing looked smaller? Hmm…


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