Kilo at PACT

Published July 11, 2013 by piggie

Hiding in a remote corner of Orchard Central diagonally facing Orchard Plaza, Kilo at PACT is a raw gem. But before I touch on Kilo, I would like to elaborate a little on PACT, which, as its name implies, is a collection of three sub-outlets within one brand. K.I.N (Know It Nothing) is a simple clothing and accessories outlet selling mostly gents wear. PACT +Lim is a hair salon with Japanese influx. And Kilo at PACT, is the offspring of Kilo Kitchen from Kampong Bugis.

Food Menu

Food Menu

I have never visited Kilo before, so I did a little research on recommendations from fellow bloggers so as not to step on landmines during my first visit. On recommendations, my dining partner ordered a Beef Short Ribs Rice Bowl while I had two sharing items of Baby Eggplant and Salmon Avocado Sushiros.

My understanding is that, Kilo at PACT serves Japanese and Vietnamese fusion food, they are particularly good at the Japanese aspect of it. And if I remember correctly, they are using Niigata’s Koshihikari rice variety, arguably the best rice in Japan, if not the world. So, I have certain level of confidence my order of Salmon Avocado Sushiros could not have gone very wrong.

Salmon Avocado Sushiros ($15++)

Salmon Avocado Sushiros ($15++)

Served with soy flaxseed chips, which was nothing much worth mentioning really, the Salmon Avacado Sushiros looked very much like a hand roll, except that seaweed swapped position with the rice, which was then wrapped around with paper instead. The vinegar rice was sweet, offering a diversion from the conventional impression of a seaweed wrapped handroll, somewhat masked off the taste of the seaweed a little bit. However, by doing this way, it’s hard to avoid rice sticking to the fingers, although on hindsight, it required less technique wrapping up the ingredients with the seaweed inside rather than using rice in the traditional method. As can be seen, the filling of prawns, Japanese cucumber, tamago, and spring onions were quite generous, and strictly speaking, freshness was never in doubt. While most conventional hand rolls gave more texture of vegetables, here, my mouth was filled with the sweetness of the tender salmon. The overall satisfaction beats whatever hand roll I ever tried, even though I hate avocado, I didn’t find it disgusting on this aspect.

Baby Eggplant ($12++)

Baby Eggplant ($12++)

As far as I can remember, I have never eaten eggplant my whole life. I simply don’t like its soft texture, and particularly the way it was cooked. But I was encouraged to try this after reading several good reviews, and gosh, it’s indeed awesome! The combination of the donburi sauce and tempura flakes did wonders to the eggplant, injecting new dimensions on it, and with the marscapone cheese adding a creamy touch, I was overwhelmed. Honestly, I have never expected eggplant can taste this great!

Beef Short Ribs Rice Bowl ($17++)

Beef Short Ribs Rice Bowl ($17++)

And now, the order which I didn’t try. It was my companion’s actually, and as I don’t take beef, I cannot touch on much about this, except that along with the ribs were Niigata rice, sweet corn, radishes, sugar peas, and wasabi sprouts. Sounds really nice to me!

One thing I notice is that, most bloggers ordered 3 items from Kilo like yours truly here. I wonder whether they were also budgeting $50 at this humble outlet 😛 And I absolutely have to compliment the waiter & waitress, who never failed to bring on a smile and cleared our table quite promptly throughout. Also, I was very pleased that my dining partner secured a seat close to the window overlooking KPO, that view was not only scenic, but only let in adequate light for my pictures!


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