Sapporo Ramen Bishamon毘沙門

Published June 19, 2013 by piggie

I came upon Bishamon’s Wednesday 50% off all ramen offer when I was shopping at Bukit Panjang Plaza. Frankly speaking, by now, I guess I realise I find it hard to resist such offers, besides, Bishamon was a ramen outlet I had wanted to try for years, but for some reason, it was never made a priority. So, this idea finally materialise today.

Tonkotsu Seafood Ramen ($14.20, before discount)

Tonkotsu Seafood Ramen ($14.20, before discount)

I fancy having seafood ramen, particularly Hokkaido is famous for seafood, and Bishamon is renowned for Hokkaido styled ramen, though I very much doubt Bishamon uses seafood from Hokkaido to be honest. I had initially wanted a Shio (using chicken) broth, but settled for tonkotsu because my dining partner had a shio, so I might as well try my favourite tonkotsu.

Our order turned up rather quick, and my seafood ramen came with 3 prawns, 3 scallops, 1 whole Japanese fish cake (chikuwa), leeks, bamboo shoot, black fungus, but no egg nor char shu, it was after all, a seafood ramen. My noodle was the thin straight hosomen, which doesn’t absorb the broth well, but also doesn’t get soggy easily. But the broth… simply forgettable. Indeed, Hokkaido is not well known for tonkotsu broth, but I found the broth too diluted for my liking, that’s still bearable but definitely not the excessive MSG. For once, since as long as I can remember, I didn’t finish the broth. I began to understand why despite such an offer, Bishamon did not manage to attract diners despite during the busiest dinner hour. Simply put, their ramen lack character.

Vegetable Shio Ramen ($12.20, before discount)

Vegetable Shio Ramen ($12.20, before discount)

My dining partner craves for vegetable ramen. I managed to sample the noodle, the chicken broth was rather mediocre, with ingredients including a chikuwa slice, corns, bean sprouts, leeks etc. The noodle used was medium curly chuboso chijiremen, typical of Hokkaido ramen, however, I tasted some undesirable remnant of alkaline…

I suppose that summed up my disappointment at Bishamon, this would probably be my one and only visit, which somehow justified why I never visit before I encounter this promotion.

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