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Menya Musashi麺屋武蔵

Published May 3, 2013 by piggie

I have to say I came to Menya Musashi @ Star Vista with great expectation, but left disappointed. Their Shinjuku outlet was reputably awesome, but if they are offering this same standard here, seriously I doubt their popularity can prolong.

Red Cha Shu Ramen ($12.90)

Red Musashi Cha Shu Ramen Special ($12.90)

I ordered a Red Cha Shu Ramen set with Gyoza at $13.90. Menya Musashi is noted with three different kind of broth, namely white, black, and red. White is the conventional tonkotsu broth. Black comprises onion, garlic, and certain spices. As for red, it comprises some other spices that gave out a spicy but not overly hot taste.

Let’s begin with the broth. The red broth I ordered gave the medium thick, straight noodle a slight spicy touch, too mild for my taste to get me sweating, nothing outstanding though. The noodle was firm, nowhere near springy. The egg, well, you can see for yourself it was slightly overcooked, and strangely shaved off at the bottom. Nothing much worth mentioning about the veggies, and the two pieces of cha shu were surprisingly small, although to be fair, it was reasonably thick. The meat was tender, I won’t use the term ‘soft’ to describe it though, but that was at least juicier than many of their competitors. We also had sides including Gyoza (Dumpling), Ika (Squid), Fried Tofu, and Octopus, but these were very mediocre to be honest.

Overall, I find Menya Musashi forgettable, for Star Vista’s branch at least. In fact, my picture looks too surreal than the actual quality itself, which was completely in contrast to what some reporters reviewed of their Raffles City main outlet. In my opinion, either the reporter bragged, or that Star Vista’s Menya Musashi is a big letdown.


I brought the old folks for a Mother’s Day lunch at Menya Musashi in May 2015. Many restaurants are charging exorbitantly over Mother’s Day weekend, but good thing Menya Musashi did not. In fact, due to’s recent promotion, I got hold of Menya Musashi’s 50% off coupons, which was the prime reason for my re-visit. (Prices stated below are before discount)

Red Seafood, S$14.90++

Red Seafood Ramen, S$14.90++

If I had not illustrated a clear picture of Menya Musashi’s menu, allow me to elaborate again. They categorise their menu into White, Black, and Red sections, with white depicting clear tonkotsu broth, the black with black sesame oil, and the red with spicy oil. I had a Red Seafood Ramen above, which came with two scallops, some squid, one large prawn, bamboo shoot, black fungus, a piece of seaweed, and half an egg. The noodle here was the thick, round type. This time round, I found their quality improved, and the noodle tasted springy throughout.

White Vegetable Ramen, S$10.90++

White Vegetable Ramen, S$10.90++

The old folks both ordered Vegetable Ramen, one white, and one black. I can only say these looked mediocre, but they seemed to enjoy it. Oh, well!