Tamoya Udonたも屋うどん

Published April 8, 2013 by piggie


I used to dislike Udon before I went to Shikoku (Kagawa in particular) in 2011. I found it the most tasteless noodle I could find in Singapore, what’s more, with its thickness, it was double the displeasure.

My mindset changed after my Shikoku trip. It was then that I realised, the fault’s mainly lied with the noodle maker, and Kagawa is actually producing the best udon in the world, they certainly know how to get the best out of this thick noodles.

When I recently learned that Tamoya has established an outlet in Liang Court, offering traditional Sanuki udon (Sanuki is the old name for Kagawa), I was tempted to give it a try. In order to attract a band of Japanese patrons frequenting Liang Court, Tamoya has set up their first oversea outlet here, a conservative move indeed, before the good name of udon is restored after the injustice for so long.

Bukkake Udon with Pumpkin and Chikuwa Tempura

Bukkake Udon with Pumpkin and Chikuwa Tempura

Like many Udon outlet in Kagawa, Tamoya allows patrons to choose their preferred type of udon, with the option to be served hot or cold, before selecting a range of tempura, something like our mixed vegetable rice. Right here, it’s fair to say that their variety is not as much as I found in some Kagawa outlets, but I suppose they are taking a humble step for a start. I had a Bukkake Udon ($4.80), added Pumpkin Tempura ($1) and Chikuwa Tempura ($1.50). After payment, patrons then proceed to utensil counter to top up your noodle with your desired topping such as sauces, spices, tempura flakes, seaweed etc, at no extra charges.

Bukkake Udon ($4.80)

Bukkake Udon ($4.80)

Tamoya’s udon noodle was smooth, chewy, and absorbed the sweet fish broth well. It’s the best udon I ever had locally, and tasted closest to the real stuff in Kagawa. Although I did not select the Ebi Tempura ($2.50) & Fried Chicken ($2), I strongly recommend these after trying my dining companion’s. Tamoya’s tempura was surprisingly not too oily, crispy, not to mention delicious. It offers value for money especially if you compare to ramen. Back in Japan, I always opt for udon if I had a choice because it was usually much cheaper than ramen, and tastier than soba, particularly if the noodle came from Kagawa.

Personally, I am grateful for Tamoya in bringing this Kagawa delicacy to Singapore, for Kagawa is far from a popular tourist spot and not usually favour by travelers in this region, it isn’t easy getting there without some deviation on the road. I finally can introduce my love ones on authentic Sanuki Udon from Kagawa, where they are unlikely to visit. Oh, and I have yet to mention Tamoya Udon was established in 1996 by Sanuki Udon Champion, Tamotsu Kurokawa. I could have spent more time talking about this fantastic prefecture and its star attractions, particularly for fans of Tadao Ando, however, it’s not within the objective of this post 😛

Tamoya Udon Singapore たも屋うどん–シンガポール
177 River Valley Road #01-32
Liang Court
Singapore 179030
Tel/Fax: 63370301
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 9:30 pm


Tamoya has since, changed the name of their Bukkake broth to Sanuki broth. I guess the reason was that Bukkake is associated with some hentai terms 😛 I was in a shock when I first google about that, but I thought it could be pronunciation with different meaning. Anyway, my previous visit I ordered Bukkake broth without realising their quietly changed the name, yet still, they gave me the same darker broth than Kake without questioning me, it was then I saw the name Bukakke was no longer on the menu, replaced by Sanuki. And now, they also started charging GST.


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