Dim Sum Love

Published April 4, 2013 by piggie


Dim Sum Love is a humble outlet hidden in a remote corner of Chinatown. It shares a common shop space with a book store, that provides a good atmosphere for diners, but almost certainly not the other way round 😛

Thanks to Wheretoeat.com, I was treated to a complimentary Dim Sum Love Daily Special Platter with a Pot of Tea Voucher worth $15.80. Let’s disregard some stringent condition for it to be effective and focus on the quality of the food!

Dim Sum Love Daily Special Platter with a Pot of Tea Voucher ($15.80)

Dim Sum Love Daily Special Platter with a Pot of Tea Voucher ($15.80)

Prior booking was necessary despite the restaurant was hardly filled. Even then, it still took a while for my order to be served. I was not complaining, especially when I witnessed their effort to lay out these simple dim sum, I felt it was worth the wait. Of course, all these come to nought if the quality fails to live up to expectation, but rest assure, they certainly did not disappoint!

I started from the left. The Char Siew Bun was sweet and juicy. Siew Mai was normal, but at least it didn’t come with the unpleasant smell many other competitors failed to rid of. The Crispy Vegetarian Spring Roll was OK, good thing it was still hot when I tried, the heat was a great aid to disguise its mediocrity. Pan Fried Carrot Cake was nothing to shout about, thinly fried, smooth, though I personally prefer a more crispier skin. Now this Baked Mini Egg Tart was a bit special, highly recommended by the friendly waitress aunty there. There was a pleasant fragrance from within the custard which took me a while to recall what was that. It’s pandan leaves! It gave the egg tart an extra dimension, and a bit of nonya touch without overshadowing the essential egg fragrance within.

Frankly speaking, $15.80 sounds a bit expensive given 5 bite size dim sum, but not to forget it came with a pot of Chinese tea, which usually cost $6 (Though I understand it’s not refillable). Personally, I found it more economical ordering ala carte though. In any case, all their dim sum are serve in bite size, need not worry about can’t finish it. Rather, worry about not sufficient to fill your tummy.


Steam Creamy Custard Bun (3 for $3.90)

I also bought some Steam Creamy Custard Bun home, it was surprisingly nice! The filling was so aplenty that my hand was full of the overflown custard with egg yolk. The molten custard was never too sweet, with a tint of light yolk taste which I found absolutely delightful!

Dim Sum Love
18 Cross Street #B1-05
China Square Central
Singapore 048423
Tel: 6536 7667
Operating Hours: 8am – 11am (Breakfast)
11.15am – 9pm (Lunch & Dinner)
7.30pm (Last Order)


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