Maccha House抹茶館

Published March 31, 2013 by piggie

I had been wondering whether to blog about this, partly because I only went there for the dessert. Frankly speaking, their noodles entries didn’t appeal to me at all, and I won’t think I’ll ever come here for a proper meal. With that in mind, pardon me if this post may sound a bit shallow. Having said that, please recognise that desserts are their forte, not noodles. Just like Kyoto is famous for Maccha, Kaiseki Ryori, but seriously, not noodles (well, alright, perhaps you may still unearth some hidden gem here and there, but I’m speaking in general term here).

My friend and I ordered a beverage each, and shared a dessert. After all, we were still quite full after dinner at Kitakata Rahmen Yamakichi. I didn’t want to order any beverage there, since it would probably be over-priced and anyway Orchard Central is just one street away, might as well have some better drink there, under a more cosy environment.

Maccha Cream Latte ($4.90)

Maccha Cream Latte ($4.90)

After the order, and payment made immediately after, I was surprise how quick were the beverages prepared (they took some time processing my payment, that’s why). I was initially a bit annoyed when they asked me to fetch my own order. However, soon as I found out they didn’t include any service charge in the bill, my annoyance dispersed. I had a Maccha Cream Latte, which I found quite rich, the maccha tasted as authentic as those I tried back in Japan, same as bitter, but a nice blend with the latte nevertheless. I wasn’t sure whether they were using Uji maccha powder, for Uji Maccha is the best in Japan and usually more expensive. Seriously, I couldn’t tell!

Hot Maccha Chocolate Latte ($5.40)

Hot Maccha Chocolate Latte ($5.40)

My friend had Maccha Chocolate Latte, and found the maccha too bitter, although the chocolate latte is sweet. LOL! That’s how Maccha suppose to taste.

Maccha Cream Anmitsu Shiratama ($8.90)

Maccha Cream Anmitsu Shiratama ($8.90)

And our ‘main course’… The maccha ice cream was creamy and rich in maccha taste, bitter in my friend’s opinion, but nice for me. The white dango was expectingly tasteless, but they provided a small pint of syrup to dip in. I found this a bit pricey, but still cheap if you compare to what you would be paying for in Japan, the thing is, I don’t know whether they imported the ingredients from Japan or sourced locally, which I greatly doubt the former.

Getting to the end of this post, let me reiterate that I had never read any review before visiting, but I was impressed by their dessert just from the look of it. After trying it out, I came across a few reviews and found some hardly justifiable. First of all, a handful of reviewers criticised their poor services. Though I admit their services left MUCH room for improvement, but at the end of the day, what services were they expecting when they were not even paying for service charge? Haven’t they ever visited a McDonald’s before?

I already knew Maccha House also serving noodles before I patronise Kitakata Rahmen Yamakichi. Even then, I never thought of dining here despite they were offering more variety. Well, within a stone throw away I could have found Ippudo and Santouka plus a few hidden gems, do I really need to have ramen there? Got the hint??

Maccha House 抹茶館
#B1-40, 181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6636 5830
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 HR


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