Published March 3, 2013 by piggie
L-R: Tiramisu ($6.50), Black Forest Cheesecake ($6.50), Sweet Pleasure ($6.90)

L-R: Tiramisu ($6.50), Black Forest Cheesecake ($6.50), Sweet Pleasure ($6.90)

I suppose Bakerzin needs no further introduction.

My first encounter with Bakerzin was as late as last November, when I utilise a voucher I got from Dell on a piece of Tiramisu cake. It was nice, in my opinion, not excessively sweet, but then I always have a sweet tooth 😛

So, let me start by elaborating on the Tiramisu!

By now, most would have known that Tiramisu originated from Italy, though how it started was still as mystical as there are several versions circulated. But I bet not many understand the meaning of Tiramisu, which literally means “pick me up” or “make me happy”. Well, made me happy it certainly did! Bakerzin’s Tiramisu appeared to be coated with a top layer of thin chocolate powder, and the cake tasted like ice cream, with a soft creamy texture, and it melts in my hand really fast, no wonder I was advised to fridge it within an hour after purchase. Anyway, it’s a delight that I am looking forward to savour again and again.

Black Forest Cheesecake is basically a cheesecake with Black Forest topping, ie, chocolate flakes. I love cheesecake too, and I found Bakerzin’s contains an adequate level of sweetness, and the powdery sugar on top of the chocolate flakes not only adds appeal to its outlook, but spice up its taste too! But mum found its texture too moisten and sinful, as for me, I have no complain.

Can’t elaborate on the Sweet Pleasure though, didn’t try it. But on appearance, it’s certainly a pleasure to enjoy! I ask dad how was it, but being stingy with words and description, he merely uttered “Good”. I know he really meant “Good” if he asked about the cost, and he seemed startled by the price of $6.90 (exc GST). There is one thing I don’t like about Bakerzin. Like many restaurants, they didn’t include GST in their prices, and that left my mind working hard to calculate the total amount as I placed my order, carefully not to exceed much the $30 voucher I had at hand, which I almost forgot totally had mum not reminded me its validity left merely two days.

Foret Noir ($7.80)

Foret Noir ($7.80)

Anyway, let’s move on to Foret Noir! It was larger in size than the 3 cakes above, and reasonably priced higher. It sounded French, but actually meant Black Forest (Noir = Black, and Foret = Forest in French). I have no idea why Bakerzin gave this German delight a French name, I couldn’t tell otherwise if they had given this cake a French touch, for basically, it’s just a Black Forest cake. I had tried the genuine Black Forest cake from Stuttgart’s S-One Expo, and I can tell Bakerzin’s tasted genuine, with whipped cream and chocolate flakes topping over layers of spongy cakes with cherries within. Mum loves it, and so was me. My regret, if any, was that the cake somewhat moisten on my way home, and perhaps I should have removed the plastic sheet before shooting, but I was too lazy to wash hand again before taking picture, so pardon me! 😀

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