Tanglin Halt Western Food

Published February 5, 2013 by piggie
Chicken Cutlet $4.50

Chicken Cutlet $4.50

I have heard from various sources, that one shall count himself fortunate if he chance upon this stall being open for the day, as the two vendors are well into their 70s and may not have the will and health to sustain the hectic work throughout the week, never mind this stall was also voted 2nd in a local gourmet program for western food category some years back. So I thought, as I happened to be around there, I ought to give it a try since it was open that afternoon!

Pardon my picture, which was taken with my phone, somehow, it handled lighting in rather mediocre manner. However, I am not gonna pretend my order presented itself in absolute vibrant fashion. On the other hand, the quality itself was great, quite deceptive from its outlook!

Forget the baked beans and coleslaw, while there was really nothing wrong with them, but there’s nothing worth bragging about, what I can say is, the quantity were just adequate in not overtaking the limelight from the main course. But I do find fries carrying a heavier weight though, their quantity and presence somehow influence the overall opinion of the dish with significant impact, even though it’s probably bought off the shelf, it’s how (long) they were prepared that matters. Having said that, it is apparent I was rather satisfied with it. The best fries have to present a crispy crust while retaining a soft texture within, somehow McDonald’s done it, and the fries here weren’t too bad either. I dare say it was one of the best I’d tried, good enough to put many restaurants to shame. As for the main cast, personally, I found the cutlet a bit over fried, but nevertheless, provided an adequate blend with the chicken patty. What enriched that experience was really the gravy, which was provided in generousity. It was less peppery than norm, but came in mild sweetness, so unique that I ditched my usual craze for the chili sauce and savouring the cutlet with the gravy alone!

Tanglin Halt Western Food
Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre
Blk 448 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-11
Singapore 120448

Just a side note, I wonder how many knows the place Tanglin Halt? Back in the 70s, it’s synonymous with Queenstown, but those days, most residents, being dialect speaking, never addressed Queenstown by name, choosing to call it Tanglin Halt instead, despite it’s only a small road hidden parallel to Commonwealth Drive. And people actually categorise different part of Queenstown into Tanglin Halt 10 Floors, Tanglin Halt 14 Floors, Tanglin Halt 16 Floors etc, in relation to the flat levels in different part of Queenstown. And so, when Singapore’s MRT began to run along that vicinity, I was surprised to find the name Tanglin Halt totally omitted, our government chose to use the names Queenstown & Commonwealth instead, which, in my humble opinion, deviated from its true heritage.

And that’s why I couldn’t help wondering whether this outlet was originated from some part of Tanglin Halt, I will ask them when I revisit! ~ ^.^ ~

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