Tai Seng Fish Soup (泰成)

Published January 13, 2013 by piggie
SAM_0598-Tai Seng Seafood Soup

Fried Fish Soup $4.50

For far too long, Singapore cuisines have been underrated. Granted, we may not earn any Michelin star accolade as compare to cities like Hong Kong or Tokyo, but that doesn’t mean Singapore’s cuisine is necessarily inferior. Michelin star can depend on a number of factors which include quality, consistency, and services, but take away the last two, we really produces cuisines everywhere as good as those one would normally find in restaurants, the best part is, the prices are more than reasonable (of course don’t compare with Malaysia lah). And I had personally tried some of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong, on certain outlets, I dare say, overrated.

Taiseng-namecardThis eatery I’m mentioning today was a recommendation from an ex-colleague. I am hardly a fan for fish soup or seafood soup for two very simple reasons. Firstly, I hate fish bones, particularly the hassle of spilling them out. Secondly and essentially, many vendors either produced tasteless food or they simply failed to removed the stinky smell from the fish. So, some of them resort to using MSG to rid it, the better ones will use ginger, or in this case, milk, and other ingredients. Tai Seng Fish Soup has none of the unwanted trail, using MSG perhaps, but the milk infused broth with generous supply of coriander leaves and ikan bilis certainly enriched the soup with the necessary taste to make them one of Singapore’s best. It’s not difficult to appreciate their popularity where patrons almost have to queue 30 minutes for it, moreover they only do lunch hours, which is logical since it is situated within an industrial estate. Nevertheless, it is restaurant quality at food court’s rate, and trust me, not necessary worse off than some Michelin-star eatery in Hong Kong which I personally tried. It was a very fulfilling meal where I genuinely feel their sincerity from their warm broth!

Tai Seng Fish Soup
Block 3024
Ubi Road 3 #01-99
Singapore 408652
Mon-Fri: 09:00-15:00
Sat: 10:30-14:30


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