6oz Espresso Bar

Published November 11, 2012 by piggie

Calling it a bar is perhaps somewhat abnormal, for 6oz Espresso Bar is anything but a bar, and they actually cease operation for the day before the time calls for an alcoholic drink! Although they do serve a limited variety of wine nevertheless.

Locating on the ground floor of Tokio Marine Building along McCallum Street, 6oz Espresso Bar is easily passed off as a cafe, but they serve more than your normal day of cuppa. Apart from the usual muffins and croissants, I found they are more remarkable with their (whole day) breakfast.

Egg Benedict Single with Ham / Bacon ($8)

Personally, I have only tried their Ham & Cheese Gourmet Sandwich ($7.90) & Egg Benedict single with Ham/Bacon ($8), as well as Cafe Latte ($4.80). Their Ham & Cheese Gourmet Sandwich comprises of premium honey-baked ham, emmental cheese slice, lettuces, tomatoes & cucumbers served with honey mustard sauce. The sweet ham was adequately complimented by the generous veggies and giving out a very rich taste, though at $7.90, I found it somewhat pricey. Their Egg Benedict came with a perfectly poached egg served with the option of sauteed mushroom, ham/bacon, or smoked salmon on top of the standard mesclun salad topped with hollandaise sauce with prices ranging from $6-$11. The freshness of the veggies was pretty obvious as can be seen from the picture above, and I really like how their egg integrated with the ham, overall, it was freshness in every bite!

The main complain I have, was that they took rather long for food preparation. I wonder how would they coup with the hectic lunch hour…

6oz Espresso Bar
20 McCallum Street #01-K1
Tokio Marine Centre
Singapore 069046
Tel: 65096602
url: http://www.6oz.com.sg


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