Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee (南星福建炒虾面)

Published May 26, 2012 by piggie

I remember a famous Singapore-borned Hong Kong writer cum food reviewer once commented that Singapore’s food does not taste better than Hong Kong in general, he was dead wrong! In my humble opinion, it was very much the other way round. Having been to Hong Kong for quite a handful of times, I find that unless one knows where to seek for good food in the Eastern Pearl, otherwise, Hong Kong’s food standard lacks the variety and delicious our tiny country can offer. I have tried some Michelin-starred restaurants, and some I found, rather over rated. However, I admit it’s fast diminishing because our younger generation do not want to inherit our fore fathers’ culinary skill (and work tirelessly behind that tiny hawker center cubicle) and couple with Singapore government’s narrow sight on focused economy may somehow deny our future generation a chance to taste some exquisite dishes.

Hokkien fried noodle (or mee) is a very unique dish in Singapore, and nowhere else. Regardless of how a certain shameless Malaysia minister trying to hijack some famous Singapore dishes, I’m afraid our dear neighbouring country has, in general, failed to successfully replicate this dish. I ever tried their own version, and perhaps I didn’t patronise a good stall, to be absolutely honest, I felt like throwing out after just ONE taste. ‘Yuck’ was simply an understatement. Btw, that particular hawker in KL claimed a rich 20 over years of experience behind him! =.=”

I’m not saying every Singapore’s Hokkien fried noodle are as good in standard, but Nam Sing is one of the better outlets in Singapore. Situated at the famous Old Airport Road hawker center, Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee is just one of the many famous stalls selling great local food, thus making Old Airport Road hawker center the best in Singapore in my humble opinion. At $5, I won’t pretend it’s cheap in terms of the dining environment, but one can be assured of the quality they are proud of, as well as a generous portion of squid along with prawns and egg.

The appearance of their noodle may not be as appealing as certain competitors, but it was deceptively nice! They are among the few who use thin bee hoon (along with the norm thick yellowish noodles) as their ingredients, which I find more tantalising than those thick bee hoon. And the broth they used has been thoughtfully prepared for hours, which enriched the taste of the noodles. Unlike most other vendors, Nam Sing provides sliced chili instead of chili sauce or samba chili. They claimed this is the traditional way it was served. And lime was provided to infuse a little fragrance to the wet noodle.

Frankly speaking, consider yourself lucky if you have the chance to try it! I’m not bragging, but they have rest days as and when they wish, and their business is so good that even during off peak hours, one may have to wait for around half an hour. Don’t even think of going there for dinner, chances are, they sold out way before that, I missed out on almost every occasion except once whenever I visit Old Airport Road Food Center for dinner.


51 Old Airport Road

#01-32 Old Airport Road Food Centre

Singapore 390051

Getting there: It’s inbetween Mountbatten and Dakota MRT stations along Singapore’s Circle Line, 5 minutes walk from either station.

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