Home Cook Minced Pork Noodle

Published May 13, 2012 by piggie


I’m not pretending to be a chef, in fact, far from it. I hardly know how to cook! LOL!

It happened one fine afternoon when I was boiling instant noodle, my friend messaged me, hence I responded to it. Took a few minutes off, but I conveniently forgot my lunch. And that’s my last pack of instant noodle, bloated! @_@

I was hungry as a <(=@=)> and I could not wait to get another pack of noodle from the supermarket, so, I scooped the bloated noodle from the ‘soup’, and started thinking what I can do with it.

I very much wanted to twist the noodle off those excess water, alas, I settled on frying them, but not without any ingredients of course, otherwise, it probably serves itself worse than a dog food! LOL! So, I opened the fridge and trying to savage whatever I could do with. Found myself some leftover luncheon meat (well, actually, it’s some corned pork from Tulip), which I shredded into minced pork, and fried with sliced onions. I would very much love to have some spring onions, but mum didn’t keep stock. Next, I fried the noodle in the residued oil and added some of those cheap awful butter mom brought, which actually tasted terrible on breads (seriously!).

After that was done, and I was satisfied that excess water had been drained off, I added pepper and the minced pork on top, along with some pork floss.

And the result? OMG! That was the best noodle I have ever cooked! A buttery taste with semi-crispy minced pork and pork floss, it tastes even better than some restaurants I patronised! And that’s how I turned a tasteless bloated noodle from a vomiting material into a class act! I’m not bragging, and mum cooks better noodle than me, but mum never uses butter in her meals, and I have successfully integrated butter pasta into instant noodle. I hardly ever like pasta noodle, but the buttery taste still fascinates me. Now, I found a way to make pasta out of local noodles which taste much better! Feel so proud! ^.^

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